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Nuxeo Studio Rocks and So Does JavaScript Automation!

Thu 4 February 2016 by Thibaud Arguillere

Nuxeo Studio is an amazing configuration tool and every time I use it, I am blown away by what it can do. Today I will show one such interesting application of Studio.  Nuxeo Studio makes it very easy to add business logic using Nuxeo Automation to any Nuxeo application. For example, a validation workflow can start automatically when a new picture is

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Making The Most of Toggleable Forms

Tue 2 February 2016 by Josh Fletcher
New style applied on the containers

The Nuxeo Application contains many layouts that are designed to be a single “column”. The creation form for a Note document is one such example. In the screenshot below you can see that the form has a limited width despite the space available in the browser. ​If the above form used the full width available

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Nuxeo API: Its Architecture and the Best Practices to Leverage It

Thu 28 January 2016 by Mike Obrebski
Nuxeo Automation Chain

The Nuxeo Platform is designed from the ground up to be highly configurable, extensible and applicable for use as an application platform. Our API is a key component of this. Today, I’ll explain the API architecture and suggest some best practices when building content management applications, so you can take advantage of the modular nature of

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Nuxeo Drive and File Permissions

Thu 21 January 2016 by Michaël Vachette
JPEG files in the local folder of other users

A few months ago, the Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015 introduced file permissions as a way to restrict access to files in a document.  One of the most obvious use case of that feature is Digital Asset Management as the Nuxeo Platform automatically computes several conversions of picture and video assets for different resolutions and formats.

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Browse your Document Distribution with Kibana

Thu 14 January 2016 by Guillaume Renard
Disk Usage sunburst pie chart in Kibana

If you are an Administrator of the Nuxeo Platform, getting a quick overview of where the Documents are located in the repository might be one of your most common tasks. The good news is that this can be done easily! You can now leverage the nested aggregations provided by the Elasticsearch index used in the

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Making Friendly Polymer Apps

Thu 7 January 2016 by Josh Fletcher
Screenshot 2

The Nuxeo REST API provides a wealth of information about documents in the repository, and it’s awesome that the Nuxeo Elements and Data Visualization Polymer components allow us to leverage the REST API to build amazing, modern Web applications. One of the challenges I ran into in terms of creating an effective user experience had

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Quickly and Safely Edit Files in Nuxeo

Tue 5 January 2016 by Frédéric Vadon

Today I will talk about a simple topic, which is more of a tip actually! Did you know you can directly edit the files attached to a document with your usual software? It’s very easy! Thanks to Nuxeo Drive, you can use the software you have locally assigned to the file type for editing. So, it’s

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Migrating the Nuxeo ‘audit’ Index in Elasticsearch

Tue 29 December 2015 by Josh Fletcher

For those of you who have previously enabled the storage of the Nuxeo Platform’s audit log in Elasticsearch, you may want to consider migrating your ‘audit’ index when you move to Nuxeo LTS 2015. Starting with Nuxeo LTS 2015 the ‘audit’ index has been renamed ‘nuxeo-audit’ (and, in fact, the name is configurable; see the

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Nuxeo UX Labs: Our Survey, Findings, and Plan for the Future

Tue 22 December 2015 by Lise Kemen
Dashboard displayed in the Home view

I recently wrote a blog to present the Nuxeo UX Lab, where I talked about our experiments with a new UI. This new UI enabled a quick access to documents and had improved collaboration tools to make it more user friendly. At Nuxeo, we value your feedback and always try our best to meet and

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