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Introducing Download Permissions in Nuxeo

Tue 24 November 2015 by Frédéric Vadon
Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 16.51.17

As we work on various use cases for the Nuxeo Platform, we always come across requirements that give us an opportunity to introduce new features or enhance the existing ones. Today, I will talk about one such requirement: Limiting the download of attached files in a Document. Let’s extend the requirement by adding the condition that a user should

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Nuxeo Studio Rocks! Find, Order and Synchronize a Set of Images

Thu 19 November 2015 by Thibaud Arguillere
Nuxeo Studio Rocks - Blog Series

We(1) recently had this question: “How easy would it be to implement a feature where a user can build an ordered set of icons and synchronize it with their Desktop?”. The use case was about building toolbars for custom software. As you might have guessed, the answer to this “How easy” question is, of course, “Extremely

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Binary Storage with MongoDB and GridFS

Tue 17 November 2015 by Mike Obrebski
MongoDB - BlobManager

In a previous blog post, I discussed various storage options for the Nuxeo Platform and specifically support for MongoDB and appropriate use cases. Today, let’s talk about GridFS for binary storage and learn more about the flexibility of the Nuxeo Platform to support various storage and query subsystems to achieve the ideal configuration for your specific use cases.

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Easily Manage Permissions in Nuxeo With Extended ACLs

Thu 12 November 2015 by Anne Jubert
New permission management UI

With the release of Nuxeo Platform 7.4, managing user permissions has become easier than ever before! We have worked a lot around permission or security management and we are happy to provide you with many improvements and new features around it. Let’s take a look at these new features with some examples. What’s New for a

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Take a Deep Dive into Nuxeo & MongoDB

Tue 10 November 2015 by Mike Obrebski
Nuxeo & MongoDB for Giant Ideas

Starting with the Nuxeo Platform 6.0, we’ve integrated MongoDB as a NoSQL alternative to using a relational database such as PostgreSQL. In recent posts, we referenced our participation in MongoDB Days conferences around the world, our perspective on the use of MongoDB and how dynamic facets of the Nuxeo Platform can provide Metadata Agility with MongoDB. In

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High Resolution Screen and WebKit: Use Zoom Factor for a Great UI Experience

Tue 3 November 2015 by Rémi Cattiau
Windows High Res Issue-Nuxeo Drive Hard to Read-2

As mentioned in my last blog, Nuxeo Drive now offers a new HTML5 UI and embedded WebKit, which provides more reactivity, consistency between operating systems and a nicer look and feel. Most of the new laptops available these days come with a new higher definition screen like the Retina display. Under Mac OS X, the UI is stretched automatically. However, Windows responds to

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Watch Your Videos with One Click using Nuxeo Video Playlist

Thu 29 October 2015 by Thibaud Arguillere
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.16.06 PM

Let’s consider the scenario where your browser is connected to a Nuxeo server, you have a few videos displayed (either in a folder or in a collection) and you would like to watch them one after another. Until today, the fastest way for doing so was to display the thumbnails view, click on a thumbnail, play the

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Making a “Promise” with QtWebKit

Tue 27 October 2015 by Rémi Cattiau
API Call Sequence

The latest version of Nuxeo Drive included a new HTML5 UI and embedded WebKit, providing more reactivity, consistency between operating systems and a nicer look and feel. This UI uses a specific drive object to communicate with the core software written in Python and QT. Here’s an in-depth look into how we created that drive object, using the QtWebKit module, a web content rendering engine

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Metadata Agility Using Nuxeo Dynamic Facets and MongoDB

Thu 22 October 2015 by Mike Obrebski
Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.57.36 AM

As data volumes and business processes change at an an increasing rate, enterprise systems need to adapt more quickly to these changes. Big data, a catch phrase for a while now, is becoming more practical. In addition to increased transactional data, content in the document and digital asset world is also increasing. ECM and Digital Asset Management

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