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Advanced Metadata Management of Digital Assets

Fri 27 February 2015 by Alain Escaffre
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.34.02 PM

In an ideal world, one where digital transformation has finally taken place (as discussed in Deep Content) a digital asset would never leave its business context. This would lower the need for storing standardized metadata content on the file itself. But most of the industries haven’t quite reached this stage yet and until then leveraging file

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Complex Types, Multiple Streams and Renditions in CMIS!

Tue 24 February 2015 by Thierry Delprat

CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Service) is primarily an interoperability API –  it is designed to be the common denominator between several big ECM vendors. The objective of CMIS is not to be a sharp and efficient API tailored for a specific solution. From a developer perspective, it is definitely not fun using such an API.

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Digital Asset Management: From Photo Library to Enterprise System

Fri 20 February 2015 by Bob Canaway
Darkroom Picture

Credit: Georgia State University Why does the DAM industry expect you to treat your digital assets like physical photos stored in a box on a shelf? Sure you can manage the creation process and some light distribution capabilities, but most of the industry has built a photo library. I think user experience is important (sometimes

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Direct Document Capture in Nuxeo Using Ephesoft and CMIS

Tue 17 February 2015 by Josh Fletcher
Module tab in CMIS plugin

Document capture can be a critically important part of any system that uses a content repository. There are quite a few solutions out there that provide the ability and feature set to automate the process of scanning paper documents. More importantly, the ability to automatically capture metadata from the content of those documents and store

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Welcome to the Age of Deep Content

Fri 13 February 2015 by Eric Barroca
Photo from https://www.flickr.com/photos/lhirlimann/2787609882/

Digital Transformation Marc Andreessen once said “Software is eating the world.” This  is the core challenge any business must rise to in order to reclaim their position in our increasingly mobile, digital, and competitive world. It’s the core challenge all businesses face. It is, in a sense, the meaning of the tech industry, the way

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Nuxeo Studio Workflow Graph Editor is Now a Visual Treat

Wed 11 February 2015 by Frédéric Vadon

The Nuxeo Workflow Engine has been around since Nuxeo Platform 5.6 and so has the Graph Editor in Nuxeo Studio. It was doing a great job but we wanted to show a better workflow graph from the platform UI when a workflow is running (not just for simple workflows but also for the most complex

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Can the Nuxeo Platform scale to the next level…again? Yes!

Thu 5 February 2015 by Michaël Vachette

How many users can the Nuxeo Platform handle? Is it 500? 1000? 5000? or more?! To find out we ran some tests and the results were mind-blowing! With an increasing demand for building consumer applications with the Nuxeo Platform, we are making sure we can add more content and serve more user requests – the

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Convert and Transform Pictures within seconds with Nuxeo Platform 7.1!

Tue 3 February 2015 by Thibaud Arguillere

The latest Fast Track version of Nuxeo, Nuxeo Platform 7.1, was released a few days ago. It contains some amazing new features and enhancements (see the Release Notes for a quick overview). Among these new features, there is one that allows easy conversion and manipulation of pictures using a RunConverter operation. This new way to

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A Nuxeo Development Environment with the Click of a Link

Thu 29 January 2015 by Vladimir Pasquier

Nuxeo and Codenvy have joined forces to create the Codenvy-based Nuxeo Factory that allows Nuxeo Platform developers to start a Nuxeo Development Environment with just one click. We showed you how this integration came together in a previous blog. The Codenvy-based Nuxeo Factory generates an IDE instance for Nuxeo with: A guided tour of the interface and

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Simplifying Contributions to Nuxeo using Codenvy

Tue 27 January 2015 by Prateeksha Barman

Starting a Nuxeo Development Environment is now possible with just a click, thanks to the Codenvy-based Nuxeo Factory! This integration of Codenvy with the Nuxeo Platform allows Nuxeo Platform developers to manage their entire development cycle in the cloud without installing anything. Because we love to tell you how things work, we have brought in

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