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Nuxeo Platform 6.0 – it’s Great for Developers!

Thu 20 November 2014 by Alain Escaffre

The Nuxeo Platform 6.0 was released last week and we are proud to say that this LTS version has a lot of new and interesting features for developers! TechCrunch recently published an article about “The Rise And Fall Of The Full Stack Developer”. The article explains the vast amount of technologies that are used to implement a scalable

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Nuxeo Platform 6.0 – It’s Great for Users!

Wed 19 November 2014 by Alain Escaffre

Nuxeo Platform 6.0 is out! This latest version brings improvements in the look and feel, search, and in the authoring, loading and management of content for the Nuxeo Platform Users. Over the last few releases of the Nuxeo Platform, we saw an increasing number of customer and platform users create projects and build applications in

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Announcing the Nuxeo Platform 6.0

Wed 12 November 2014 by Bob Canaway

Over the past year, Nuxeo released 5 FT (Fast Track) versions of the Nuxeo Platform. Our early adopter community has benefited from many new and innovative features introduced in these FT releases as we made the journey from Nuxeo Platform 5.8 to 6.0. Amidst the ongoing innovation and excitement at Nuxeo, I am pleased to

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One Billion Documents, Testing the Limits of Nuxeo

Fri 31 October 2014 by Thierry Delprat

The amount of information and content that needs to be managed continues to increase at a tremendous rate. This has brought scalability and performance to the forefront of many recent customer conversations. To help our customers succeed, we put in considerable effort to ensure that the Nuxeo Platform performs and scales. Which also makes us

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Meet the Team: Maxime Hilaire, Nuxeo’s Software Engineer

Fri 10 October 2014 by Prateeksha Barman
Maxime Hilaire

This week, we are meeting Maxime Hilaire, Nuxeo’s Software Engineer. He is currently working from the Paris office, but will join us in New York very soon. As a new member of the Development Team, he is tasked with using his skills and expertise to make the Nuxeo platform better than it already is! Here’s

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Rapidly Build Form-Centric Applications with Nuxeo

Wed 8 October 2014 by Mike Obrebski

Sometimes data gathering applications are best designed with a wizard-type screen flow. This usually makes the User Interface simpler while still gathering data. Complex form-centric applications involving complex rules, can benefit if they are made workflow-driven. In this model, the user is presented with a set of question screens which appear conditionally, based on the data filled in

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Meet the Team: Rémi Cattiau, Nuxeo’s Technical Consultant

Fri 12 September 2014 by Prateeksha Barman
Remi Cattiau

This month, we are meeting Rémi Cattiau, Nuxeo’s Technical Consultant based in Los Gatos, California. Armed with an expertise in technology and a knack for consulting, Rémi is here to make sure that our customers are happy. Here’s his story! Q: How did you come to know about Nuxeo and what made you decide to

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Web Components – Getting started

Thu 4 September 2014 by Nelson Silva
polymer foundation layer

In the first part of this series, we introduced Web Components and gave you a sneak peek at some custom Nuxeo elements we are working on. We believe Web Components will radically change web development but for that to happen we need proper browser and tooling support as well as a set of best practices

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Introducing Nuxeo Labs

Wed 3 September 2014 by Thibaud Arguillere

As a Nuxeo Solution Architect, I am constantly talking with customers and prospective customers about what is possible with the Nuxeo Platform. Often the outcome of this is new functionality that demonstrates a new way to work with the Nuxeo Platform. We used to call this the nuxeo-presales-prototyping-toolkit. I have always thought of this as

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