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Introduction to Nuxeo’s Social Collaboration module

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Hi guys,

One of the newest features of the 5.5 release is the Social Collaboration module ( It brings some more social power to document and content management, moving slightly Nuxeo in the Enterprise 2.0 fields. Here’s the list of Social modules included with this addon:

  • Nuxeo Social Workspace: provides a new Social Workspace incorporating social features like dashboards for public view as well as members view, members management and invitations.
  • Nuxeo User Relationship: provides a Service which handles relations between two objects which in this case is a UI to manage relations between users.
  • Nuxeo User Activity Stream: provides a JSF view and OpenSocial gadget to display what users in your network/your relations are doing.
  • Nuxeo Mini Message: provides a service, JSF view and OpenSocial gadget to add / remove / display mini messages created by users.

The complete details on Social Collaboration are available on our …

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December 30th, 2011 at 8:13 pm

Nuxeo Migrating to GitHub

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200px-GitHubThe source code of the Nuxeo ContentManagement Platform has been moved from the internally hosted Mercurial repositories to external GitHub repositories.

How to retrieve source code?

Here is how to retrieve Nuxeo source code in read-only mode. However, maybe you don’t need to do it: see below “How to contribute”.

Requirements: Python 2.7.x and Git 1.7.x

  git clone git://
  cd nuxeo
  git checkout master

Run ‘python -h‘ for more details.

Why Git and GitHub?

Before that move, Nuxeo folks were sometimes already using Git because they are involved in external projects using Git. Based on their feedback, it appeared that Git was technically as good as Mercurial, and that hosting services such as GitHub were greatly improving the code management and encouraging contributions.

GitHub provides good tooling around Git features and great visibility in the developer ecosystem.

We look …

Content Routing: An alternative to jBPM

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We just released Nuxeo Platform 5.5. This includes some internal changes in the way we handle tasks. jBPM is still the main workflow engine for the Platform, but we’re preparing to make changes in that respect.

Becoming Independent from jBPM

I’m saying “becoming” independent because of course we are not stopping jBPM support. It just won’t be the default task/workflows provider in future versions of DM.

So now that the first question is answered, let’s move to the second one, which is why?

The main reason is that even if jBPM is very powerful, it does not provide an easy way to make adaptive workflows.

Unfortunately, in the real world, when it comes to projects you need a lot of flexibility.
You can define a global process, but users and the administrator need to be be able to change the workflow.

So even if the jBPM toolbox is great, …

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December 16th, 2011 at 6:55 pm

Nuxeo Platform 5.5 just released

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Packaging improvement

Distributions are Marketplace Packages

The DM, DAM, SC, and CMF distributions are now available as Marketplace packages.

This new packaging system is used in the SetupWizard to allow to choose between different profile at installation time.
You can also use the Admin Center or the nuxeoctl to add or remove these packages.

For projects having a custom distribution based on one of ours, no problem, we provide presets for automatically transform the new unique Tomcat distribution into a DM, DAM or CMF.
Also, the “EAR” (zip) assemblies do still exist.

Using the wizard is just an additional option.

Coordinated Release

All distributions of the platform will now be released at the same time : CAP / DM / DAM / CMF / SC.

This is a little bit more work on our side, but this will allow to have consistent HotFixes management for all flavors of the Platform.…

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December 13th, 2011 at 4:48 pm