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Introduction to Nuxeo’s Social Collaboration module

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Hi guys,

One of the newest features of the 5.5 release is the Social Collaboration module ( It brings some more social power to document and content management, moving slightly Nuxeo in the Enterprise 2.0 fields. Here’s the list of Social modules included with this addon:

  • Nuxeo Social Workspace: provides a new Social Workspace incorporating social features like dashboards for public view as well as members view, members management and invitations.
  • Nuxeo User Relationship: provides a Service which handles relations between two objects which in this case is a UI to manage relations between users.
  • Nuxeo User Activity Stream: provides a JSF view and OpenSocial gadget to display what users in your network/your relations are doing.
  • Nuxeo Mini Message: provides a service, JSF view and OpenSocial gadget to add / remove / display mini messages created by users.

The complete details on Social Collaboration are available on our wiki (

Additionally, Heather and I did a quick screencast that gives you a quick tour of this module:

We’ll probably do shorter screencasts highlighting specific features of the Social Collaboration module in the future, so stay tuned :)

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas!

December 30th, 2011 at 8:13 pm

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