Nuxeo Platform 5.6 Release Notes

Wed 05 September 2012 By Laurent Doguin

Hello everyone!

On behalf of the whole Nuxeo team, I'm really happy to announce that Nuxeo Platform 5.6 is out! Before giving you the release notes, here's the link to download the 5.6: /downloads/.

A recap of the version features, with links to the recorded webinars we held for each feature set can be found here.

Now let's get to the release notes, or what we've been doing for the past six months direclty from our CTO Thierry Delprat:

Usability Improvements

We try to continuously improve the usability of the default web application. At the same time, we make all the screens and the UI system as generic as possible so that your application can easily leverage the infrastructure and reuse what already exists as much as possible.

In that area, the 5.6 release comes with several changes:

CSS and Styles Refresh

Like all major versions, the 5.6 includes some CSS and styling changes:

Document Summary tab Document Summary tab

Action System Extension

The action system that has been used since the very beginning to manage buttons, links and tabs has been extended.

The action system now supports:

These improvements provide more power to Nuxeo IDE and Nuxeo Studio users.

Layouts and Widgets Everywhere

We continue to extend the usage of the Layouts / Widgets model. Now that we have CSS-based grid layouts, this model can be used to build completely new screens. The impact on Nuxeo Platform 5.6 is the redesign of the summary tab and the ability to use the Tab Designer in Studio. This means you can now build completely new screens using Layouts and Widgets: As a side effect, this new version of the Nuxeo Platform comes with a lot of new Widgets and Layout options. You can try some of them at

SaaS Architecture

First, if you've missed it, take a look at our Cloud Infrastructure webinar held by our CEO Eric Barroca and our General Manager for Americas and Asia Brendan Coveney:

Multi-Tenant Addon

The Nuxeo Platform now supports Multi-Tenant configuration via an addon available from the Nuxeo Marketplace. This new module allows to define a tenant: The source code is available on Github.

Quota Management

The Quota Addon has been improved to allow:

Modules / Packages System

This new version of the Nuxeo Platform comes with a lot of changes in the packaging and deployment system: This private Marketplace package system enables the use of the Nuxeo Online Services infrastructure as a deployment infrastructure for your projects.


This is one of the main new features of Nuxeo Platform 5.6. The Content Routing workflow engine that was initially developed for Case Management has been deeply improved, with: Some of the advantages of Content Routing are: Take a look at this webinar we did about Content Routing:

New features

As usual, this new version of Nuxeo Platform also comes with some new features.

Social Collaboration

New features have been added to the Social Collaboration module: a wall, ratings, likes, comments on activities, a new team calendar - check out Delphine's blog post for more details and screenshots!
Nuxeo Social Collaboration Wall Nuxeo Social Collaboration Wall
See our user guide for more details! Note: the Social Collaboration module is available as a public Marketplace package and can be selected at installation time via the setup wizard.

Diff Service

The Diff service calculates the difference between 2 documents or 2 versions of the same document. It works at several levels: As usual, the Diff service exposes extension points so that you can configure how you want the diff to be computed for your documents and files types. Check out the doc for details!
Diff content detail Diff content detail
Note: The Diff service is available as a public marketplace package.

Document Templates

This new module generates files based on a template with merge fields, featuring: Read the doc to find out how it works! Note: This is available as a public marketplace package.

Mobile Web UI for the Nuxeo Platform

The Nuxeo Platform now provides a Web UI dedicated to mobile devices. This web interface, based on HTML5 and jQuery Mobile, uses Apache Cordova to provide native bindings. You'll get: Here's a quick preview of my development version of the mobile app:

Misc Infrastructure Changes

OpenJDK 7

OpenJDK is now officially supported.

VCS Improvements

Work Manager

A new service, WorkManager has been added and is responsible for managing long running tasks like conversions, image processing, and batch processing. This WorkManager has also become the underlying infrastructure for the Asynchronous EventListeners execution.

Hot Reload Support

We have improved the way the Nuxeo Marketplace packages and development bundles are reloaded. This infrastructure work fixes several small problems:
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