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Fri 20 October 2006 By nuxeo

After the OOo 2.0.4 annoucement that provides new extensions improvement such as licencing and new extension .oxt, the extensions team is hard working setting up an ecosystem for developping extensions

The main points actually worked on are

if you wish to join the Extensions team, please do. Everybody is welcomed, just tell us, we will find something for you ;)

Speaking about extensions, one as to note the new Sun Java OOo Blogger. This reminds me Caolan's work from last year. The same goal, done and freely available in pyUNO. It is freely available as a study case and use. I bet originality will be for the next extension. But if you want to fund SUN for supporting OOo, it is a way ...

At OOo level, a new team is built for a Creative Commons licence inclusion in OOo documents. If you whish to help visit them on their dedicated mailing list

And for volunteers, I give here some rough ideas for extensions. But, everything else is possible :)

These tools creation and how they can be packaged as Extensions can be discussed on The core part, the api use and help remains on mailing list

I propose you to visit our enriched Wiki (some part are even being translated but any mediawiki tool pointer for multilingual support would be great) and join us on to build the ecosystem, to start building extensions and #ooo-ext freenode IRC channel for a live chat

(Post originally written by Laurent Godard on the old Nuxeo blogs.)

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