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Indianapolis Museum of Art Contributes Code Back to the Nuxeo Community

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Today I’m really happy to write about some code open sourced by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. You might already have heard of them from our previous case study. And if you want to find more about them and their use of the Nuxeo Platform, sign up for this webinar with their project lead, Charlie Moad. Maybe you have seen his name on already, or seen his email on Nuxeo’s dev list. He’s the one that has graciously open sourced their code on GitHub. Their code is well designed and well commented, so you might want to check it out. It’s split into two repositories.

The first one, ima-nuxeo-template, contains their custom configuration template. If you want to know how to declare a MySQL datasource, or how to access users and groups from a LDAP and an SQL directory, you really should look at …

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September 7th, 2012 at 3:58 pm

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Nuxeo Platform 5.6 Release Notes

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Hello everyone!

On behalf of the whole Nuxeo team, I’m really happy to announce that Nuxeo Platform 5.6 is out! Before giving you the release notes, here’s the link to download the 5.6:

A recap of the version features, with links to the recorded webinars we held for each feature set can be found here.

Now let’s get to the release notes, or what we’ve been doing for the past six months direclty from our CTO Thierry Delprat:

Usability Improvements

We try to continuously improve the usability of the default web application. At the same time, we make all the screens and the UI system as generic as possible so that your application can easily leverage the infrastructure and reuse what already exists as much as possible.

In that area, the 5.6 release comes with several changes:

CSS and Styles Refresh

Like all major versions, the 5.6 …

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September 5th, 2012 at 2:31 pm

Nuxeo Platform 5.6 – Update Y’all

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Nuxeo Platform 5.6It’s summertime at Nuxeo, and the livin’s easy. Fish are jumping, and the 5.6 release process is in full swing. To ensure the highest quality final release possible, we’ve planned a summer full of release candidates for review and battle testing.

Release Candidate 2

As promised, the first release candidate has been vetted, reviewed, QA’d, and enhanced, resulting in a new and improved release candidate, aptly named Nuxeo Platform Release Candidate 2. You can download it now on the Nuxeo website. If you already played with RC1, now’s your chance to see the new version. If you haven’t seen Nuxeo Platform 5.6 in action yet, this is a good time to dive in and see the new features, such as content routing, content diff, tab designer, and social collaboration coolness such as a wall, like button, and voting.

On our side, we’ll continue to test, improve, and post new release …

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August 1st, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Nuxeo Drive – a Desktop Synchronization Client for Nuxeo

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Here’s a sneak peek of my favorite new feature for Nuxeo Platform 5.6: Nuxeo Drive! It’s a desktop synchronization client for Nuxeo. It will be available natively on MacOS, Windows and Linux. You can take a look at our Roadmap if you want more details. We’ve already started working on this project and have an early working version which we used for the following screencast:

How does it work? It’s a Python daemon that looks for changes in the local file system in a specific folder and on a remote workspace on the Nuxeo server using the Content Automation HTTP API. It then propagates those changes one way of the other. Using content automation means this client will …

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July 17th, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Nuxeo Platform 5.6 – Coming Soon

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As you may have heard, Nuxeo Platform 5.6 is coming soon, and we are very excited about it! Without a doubt the biggest release of the 5.x era, we think it will make Nuxeo users and developers happy. Even if Nuxeo 6 is not that far off, 5.6 will do much more than fill the gap while 6 comes along. This new version raises the bar significantly for workflow capabilities, cloud readiness, mobility, user experience, and much more – innovation in action!

Because of all that, and because we take this step very seriously, we decided to adapt the release process a bit for the better.

A longer release process, with more community involvement

We decided on a longer release process over the summer, instead of the usual, shorter one. In the past, the release candidate stayed up for only a few days, and the communication and training on the …

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July 16th, 2012 at 3:56 pm

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[Monday Dev Heaven] Highlight searched keyword in document preview

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Today I’ll deal with another demand from Brendan (Yes he asks lots of stuff. You don’t wannna know… but also, he is not shy. If you also have ideas for this blog, please tell me about them, don’t be shy!). He would like to highlight text in the document preview. The highlighted text should be the keywords from the search. So what I’m going to do is inject some JavaScript in the preview frame using BlobPostProcessor like I did for the waiter. This is gonna be the easy part. The less easy part is to find the search keywords from the preview frame.

The search box

So about that search box, I’ve found a very nice JQuery script from Johann Burkard that does most of the work. It highlights the given String in a DOM element. I’ve modified it slightly so that each time it adds a span with …

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July 9th, 2012 at 7:07 pm

Guess What’s Coming in Nuxeo Platform 5.6…

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In about a month, as announced previously, we will be releasing Nuxeo Platform 5.6. This new major version will include many interesting and valuable features. This article will give an overview of the list of features that will come with this release, to help you understand, evaluate, anticipate, and plan… your Nuxeo projects!

Content Routing – workflow adapted to the business

This is certainly one of the most important features of Nuxeo Platform 5.6. Content Routing is a new default workflow engine for Nuxeo that provides better and simpler workflow capabilities for the Nuxeo Platform. It includes a graphical editor and viewer of document workflows within Nuxeo Studio, as well as tools to monitor and adapt the running instances of these processes.

It also makes the lives of end users simpler with more user-friendly content lifecycle actions.

The use of jBPM, the previous system used for complex workflows within Nuxeo, …

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June 8th, 2012 at 8:46 pm

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[5.6] Nuxeo Goes Social Again!

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Last year, Nuxeo 5.5 released a Social Collaboration module, because the most important thing in your organization is people! We want them to interact and work together within their content management application.

Our role is to help you increase the cohesion of your teams and power up user-driven content with interactive features such as likes, comments, replies etc.

Here is what Nuxeo 5.6 will provide:

A New Wall for Your Workspace

Imagine you’re working with different departments and people in different locations. How do you keep updated with what’s going on? How do you know when they share content, updates, add interesting comments, replies, etc?

You need to have the information as soon as it is online, to be able to give your own documents, build a discussion, etc.

That’s the key to reactivity!

That is why we added the wall, where you can see the activity stream and messages of …

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May 30th, 2012 at 12:10 pm

Q&A with Steve Weissman, ECM Consultant, Thought Leader, and Educator

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Content management projects can range from small and tactical to high budget and strategic, and just about anything in between. One of the common denominators of highly successful and valuable content management projects, wherever they lie on the complexity spectrum, is the careful planning and analysis of the business context and processes prior to the development and deployment of a solution. That’s where Steve Weissman comes in.

Steve Weissman, CIP, ECMm, BPMp, has been in the content technology business for the past 20 years. Currently President of the AIIM New England chapter and a sought-after independent consultant, Steve has researched, written about, and provided expert guidance regarding the application of both the most mundane and disruptive technologies.

(Note: If you read through to the end, you can hear Steve say “park the car” in Bostonian.)

JZ: I understand that you are the wizard behind the AIIM training video series

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May 17th, 2012 at 12:11 pm

Leveraging the Nuxeo Platform for Configuration Management Projects

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Nuxeo was recently handed a challenge in the context of a client prospect. They needed to handle configuration management. At Nuxeo, we like challenges, and even more, we like the opportunity to demonstrate that the Nuxeo Platform is so flexible and customizable that it can adapt to many different types of projects.

(Resources mentioned during this article are regrouped in a specific section at the end).

Many different reasons lead more and more companies to take the path of setting up a configuration management system. Historically, CM was used in military engineering organizations but it is now seen in many civil domains. It can be required for regulatory compliance, i.e. in aeronautics or medical device development, but can also be a choice for quality certifications and process improvement systems.

Configuration management applies to a wide range of domains, from huge mechanical systems to electronic devices to software, a system …

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May 2nd, 2012 at 12:21 pm

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