Our customers, across many industry sectors, build content management applications that help them gain efficiency and market share.

Customers by Industry


The Nuxeo Platform enables aerospace companies to deliver their critical business information, online or offline, to the experts in the field who need it on time and in context.

Defense & Security

With an advanced and highly configurable access control system, the Nuxeo Platform is the most secure choice for building information applications to manage all types of content in a trusted environment.

Financial Services

Nuxeo clients in the financial sector leverage their data, pattern matching mechanisms, and analytics by building applications with structured content and workflows, so their internal and external customers can gain insights and efficiencies.

Media & Entertainment

Take advantage of the Nuxeo Platform to build comprehensive solutions, with highly secure internal and external workflows, for the creation and delivery of multimedia content management and multi-channel publishing.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

By building applications that enable connections and traceability within massive amounts of regulatory and clinical documentation, clients in this sector gain a competitive edge.

Telecom & Technology

From startups to large enterprises, high tech companies rely on the flexibility and extensibility of the Nuxeo Platform to build the content-centric solutions that are fully adapted to their requirements.


Whether it’s email management, knowledge management, a collaborative portal or intranet, the Nuxeo Platform offers both the tools and the secure infrastructure to store, track, and communicate information in accordance with the rules and regulations.


The Nuxeo Platform offers all the functionality and features needed for the travel industry. Whether it's managing content for guide books, supporting an integrated travel planning process for trips, or supporting travel agent training processes, Nuxeo has the tools for the job.


The Nuxeo Platform provides a range of content management and collaboration tools to help the modern enterprise go beyond managing documents and files to achieving efficiencies with structured content and advanced workflows.

Business Services

Companies in the services industry have specialized needs for building information applications that either improve their efficiency internally or provide software services for their external clients.

Education & Research

Clear and comprehensive communication between schools, faculty and students is critical in today’s education market. Leverage the Nuxeo Platform to develop interactive intranets, extranets and portals to share information and resources, and to facilitate collaboration.


Organized structures for information and intellectual property enables companies in the energy sector to incorporate their content into their core business processes, quickly and efficiently.


From your product information management system to your internal document management portal, the Nuxeo Platform will help your business to be more efficient and to improve your employees productivity.