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Get the Nuxeo Platform


Version: FT 8.2
Download the Nuxeo Platform and start building your application in just a few minutes.


  • $ docker run -d -p 8080:8080 nuxeo/nuxeo:discover-ft


  • $ apt-get install nuxeo
  • $ nuxeoctl start


  • $ brew install nuxeo
  • $ nuxeoctl start

Online Trial

This free 30-day trial gives you access to a full development environment for building Nuxeo Platform applications in only few seconds.

With your download and online trial, you’ll get access to these products and services:

  • Nuxeo Platform

    Enterprise Content Management Platform for building business applications.

  • Nuxeo Studio

    The easy to use web-based customization tool to quickly configure your application.

  • Nuxeo Marketplace

    A large selection of ready to use plugins and packages to extend the functionality of your application.


  • Improved Performance & Scalability

    MongoDB-powered content persistence engine, benchmarked at 1B documents, 5x faster bulk import, 15x faster doc processing

  • Desktop Sync 2.0

    Nuxeo Drive 2.0 with better performance and new HTML5 UI and embedded WebKit

  • Cloud File-Sharing Platform Integration

    Native integration of the Nuxeo Platform with cloud-based file sharing platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox

  • Elasticsearch Enhancements

    Elasticsearch, the default query engine for the Nuxeo Platform, provides enhanced search capabilities and incredible scale.

  • DataViz and Content Analytics

    The new toolkit leverages Elasticsearch distributed computation capabilities to aggregate, compute and visualize any data stored in the Nuxeo Platform

  • … and more.

    Connectors to Salesforce.com, Adobe Creative Suite, JavaScript for content automation, new permissions management!