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What's being said about Nuxeo
Semantic Web - 11 Feb 2011

Nuxeo and Eclipse Work Toward an Open Source Content Repository

Open source ECM vendor Nuxeo is hoping to move its Java Content Repository to the Eclipse Foundation, “an open source community, whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle.”

Content Here - 10 Feb 2011

Nuxeo Core moving to Eclipse

I have been thinking a lot about Nuxeo’s recent announcement that it is contributing Nuxeo Core to the Eclipse Foundation. First, I agree with Josette Rigsby’s observation that this move could make Nuxeo the JackRabbit of CMIS. JCR watchers probably remember that Day Software’s development of an open source reference implementation (Apache JackRabbit) was critical to the success of the JCR standard.

Jaxenter - 10 Feb 2011

Nuxeo to Contribute Enterprise Content Repository Project to Eclipse

Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository Project (ECR) has been proposed as a new Eclipse project under the Eclipse Runtime Project. The initial contribution will come from Nuxeo, which will then be developed within the Eclipse Foundation into a reference Content Repository implementation, accessible through APIs.

eWeek.com - 10 Feb 2011

Nuxeo to Donate Java Content Repository to Eclipse

Nuxeo, maker of an open-source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, has announced plans to contribute its Java Content Repository to the Eclipse Foundation.

SD Times - 10 Feb 2011

Nuxeo donates content repository to Eclipse

Nuxeo has announced that it has contributed the core of its content management platform to the Eclipse Foundation. The Nuxeo Core is now known (within the Eclipse Foundation) as the Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository. The newly formed project lives under the umbrella Eclipse Runtime project at the Foundation.

DZone Javalobby - 10 Feb 2011

Nuxeo Contribute CMS Platform To Eclipse

Nuxeo, the Open Source Enterprise Content Management company, has proposed to contribute its proven Java Content Repository technology (Nuxeo Core) to the Eclipse Foundation. The “Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository” project, if approved, will build on the initial contribution to deliver a modular, versatile and full-featured Content Repository technology, leveraging CMIS as main access protocol and API.

The H - 09 Feb 2011

Eclipse gets a CMIS-enabled content repository

Nuxeo, French provider of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems, has announced that it is handing it's Nuxeo Core content repository technology over to the Eclipse Foundation . The project, if approved, will be called the "Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository" and would be part of the Eclipse Runtime (RT) Project.

The 451 Group - 09 Feb 2011

Nuxeo takes a foundational approach to growing community

One of the central arguments of our recent Control and Community report on open source business strategies was that many so-called open source vendors are failing to enjoy the full benefits of the open source development model by attempting to control their associated projects.

InfoWorld - 09 Feb 2011

Eclipse takes on content management

The Eclipse Foundation is making a move into content management, with Nuxeo donating Java-based content management repository services to the open source tools organization.

CMSWire - 09 Feb 2011

Nuxeo Contributes Its CMIS Supported Content Repository to Eclipse Foundation

Nuxeo is putting its code where its mouth is. The open source ECM vendor is contributing its content repository technology, Nuxeo Core, to the Eclipse Foundation. The contribution is intended to spur the development of a CMIS-based content repository. Will this move yield a CMIS reference implementation whose popularity catches Apache’s JCR-based Jackrabbit?

InfoQ - 09 Feb 2011

Nuxeo Contributes Core to Eclipse Foundation

Nuxeo, the open source enterprise content management company, announced that it will contribute their Nuxeo Core Java content repository technology to the Eclipse Foundation. This will bring a standard Java content management system to Eclipse derived products, via the Enterprise. Rather than creating a bespoke content management system on top of (No)SQL databases, the CMS will provide APIs (both in Java, and by remote calls through REST and WSDL) to access content.

CMSWire - 26 Jan 2011

Nuxeo Studio 2.0 Brings Improvements to Customization-as-a-Service Development Environment

Open source Enterprise CMS creators Nuxeo released a major update to Nuxeo Studio bringing it to version 2.0. This will be of interest to partners and customers looking to improve application design, customization and deployment on top of the ECM platform

CMSWire - 21 Jan 2011

Will CMIS Suffer JCR's Fate?

There has been some debate recently about the “demise” of the JCR specification. One of the factors blamed for JCR’s demise is the relatively new CMIS standard. This begs the question: what is to prevent CMIS from the same fate as JCR?

word of pie - 18 Jan 2011

Darwin’s take on JCR and CMIS

There has been a lot of talk of late regarding the demise of the Java Content Repository (JCR) specification and what to do when a standard does die off.  Much of this is blamed on the emergence of CMIS as a standard, but that is just a contributory factor.  Many Content Management specifications and standards have withered over the last decade without a standard positioned to replace them.

Real Story Group - 14 Jan 2011

What happens when a standard dies?

The tech blogosphere has been debating the apparent demise of the Java Content Repository (JCR) spec, especially after news that the open source Document Management firm Nuxeo dropped support for the standard. JCR's popularity (something I wrote about on my personal blog) and future are always debatable, and a subject for another post. However, it should focus you the customer on an important topic: what happens when a standard dies?

Observing Content Management - 13 Jan 2011

So Who Buys Case Management Anyway?

If there is one term which is creating a buzz in the ECM world, not to mention the BPM world as well, it is Case Management. Lots of different flavours of it, Adaptive Case Management, Advanced Case Management etc…. EMC and IBM are putting their weight behind it as their strategy for the next few years as well as other organisations such as Nuxeo.

Zylk.net - 11 Jan 2011

Sinadura connector for Nuxeo DM

Sinadura is an open source java-based multiplatform desktop application for signing PDFs, that provides a simple solution for the electronic invoice process. This software guarantees the integrity, the identity, and the no repudiation of any PDF document, for example, in payslips, contracts, invoices or certifications. 

CMSWire - 30 Dec 2010

A Look Back at Document Management in 2010

At the end of 2010, it is hard to make any simple analysis of document management in the enterprise. By its nature, it is closely related to enterprise content management and as a result reflects many of the problems afflicting the ECM industry.

Fierce Content Management - 07 Dec 2010

Nuxeo adds two semantic search modules

Open source content management vendor Nuxeo took another big step this week when it announced two new semantic search modules have been added to its online app store, Nuxeo Marketplace.

CMSWire - 07 Dec 2010

Enterprise CMS Nuxeo Adds Semantic Packages to Marketplace

Nuxeo added two new semantic modules to its recently released Nuxeo Marketplace. Both the Semantic Linking and Auto-Categorization packages use semantic technologies.

DZone Javalobby - 07 Dec 2010

Semantic Web Tech Reaches Nuxeo Platform

The Java-based Nuxeo Platform just released a special Semantic Linking package for its content management applications. The package is based on the Apache Stanbol incubator project (formerly called FISE). It's a standalone HTTP service written in Java that easily integrates into any platform written in any language thanks to it's RESTful design. Users will be able to easily identify known entities across large volumes of text analyze because the package automatically documents text to identify people, places, and objects and then create entities based on them.

CMSWire - 30 Nov 2010

Update: IKS Semantic Technology Project Making Solid Progress

In only two years, the Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) project has released its first working demo of a semantic knowledge engine and is making quite a stir, as early adopters begin integrating it into their content management software. Recent events have also seen part of the results acceptance as an Apache incubator projected named Stanbol.

The first working demo, FISE The RESTful Semantic Engine, was released by Nuxeo a few months ago, with new developments to the story already.

CMSWire - 30 Nov 2010

What's Coming for Open Source CMS in December 2010

Welcome to the December installment of our what's coming from the open source projects in the next month.

In November, Nuxeo hosted over 100 customers and partners at Nuxeo World Paris. Session slides are available online, along with our session writeups.

They also announced the next major release of Nuxeo Enterprise Platform 5.4 and Nuxeo Document Management 5.4, which now natively support jBoss AS 5.1 and jBoss EAP 5.0.1.

ECM Connection - 29 Nov 2010

Executive Opinion: Five Reasons (Other Than Free) To Choose Open Source ECM

The ECM market is changing, continually feeling pressured by converging events. The Microsoft SharePoint juggernaut increasingly fills many of the basic content and collaboration needs for business. Companies are mandated to cut IT maintenance and license costs. New interoperability standards such as CMIS (content management interoperability standards) come into play. Acceptance of new, alternative delivery methods for software, including SaaS, cloud, virtualization, and open source are increasing. All of these factors play a role in this industry convergence.

Gilbane Group - 24 Nov 2010

Gilbane Boston 2010- Interview with Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo CMO Cheryl McKinnon discusses the top content trends of 2010, and her vision of where the landscape needs to progress to bring the technology to the "next level" in this Gilbane interview.