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What's being said about Nuxeo
Dr. Dobb's Journal - 02 May 2013

Nuxeo Synchronization Client For Content Management Apps

The Nuxeo Drive desktop synchronization client arrives this week for content application developers looking to automate their content update process between local desktops and a content repository.

CMSWire - 01 May 2013

Document Management Roll-up: Nuxeo Drive's Sync, Adobe EchoSign for Salesforce v13

There have been a number of interesting announcements this week in the document management space. Nuxeo Drive for content synchronization was released...

KMWorld - 11 Apr 2013

Customizable mobile content apps from Nuxeo

Nuxeo has unveiled Nuxeo Mobile, ready-to-use mobile apps for the Nuxeo Platform, which provides a unified software stack and ecosystem for creating integrated applications for document management, case management, digital asset management and custom content management.

The Java Spotlight Podcast - 09 Apr 2013

Java Spotlight Episode 126: Laurent Doguin on Nuxeo

Feature Interview with Laurent Doguin. Laurent works as developer and community liaison at Nuxeo, a software company providing a full Enterprise Content Management Platform, open source, for any kind of content-driven application.

CMS critic - 03 Apr 2013

Nuxeo releases iOS and Android App

Nuxeo has announced the release of Nuxeo Mobile, now available in the Google Play store and within iTunes for Android and iOS devices.

Fierce Content Management - 02 Apr 2013

Nuxeo introduces Nuxeo mobile

Nuxeo, the open source content management platform, announced a new mobile development tool that builds on its open source roots to enable customers to build content management applications for mobile devices.

CMSWire - 02 Apr 2013

Nuxeo Mobile Debuts Native Apps on iOS + Android, APIs for Hybrid App Development

Open source CMS provider Nuxeo has debuted native mobile apps on iOS and Android devices, and developers now have access to tools for building feature specific hybrid apps of their own.

CMSWire - 28 Feb 2013

Alert: What's Coming Up for Open Source CMS in March 2013

We covered the Nuxeo release of its enterprise CMS last fall, and now the company has updated its Nuxeo Studio application development tools. Nuxeo Studio 2.10 offers a generic search widget, a tool that allows for adding custom sub tabs to existing tabs. Nuxeo had an impressive 2012 and the company has released its first tech report of the year. It's an in depth look at some of the developing projects behind the scenes.

CMSWire - 05 Feb 2013

Document Management Roll-up: Nuxeo in 2013, Preparing SharePoint 2013 Migrations

Things are heating up in the document management space. This week, we see Nuxeo setting up its stall for the coming year, vendors and enterprises are gearing up for the release of SharePoint 2013, Micro Strategies connects SharePoint and IBM Connections and Atiz introduces a mobile scanner.

CMSWire - 19 Dec 2012

Nuxeo Releases Latest Version of Online Development Environment, Nuxeo Studio

Nuxeo has unveiled Nuxeo Studio 2.9, an updated version of its application and solution software development tool. As a content management platform for business applications and software solution developers, Nuxeo has been working on improving its products. In September, it launched the newest version of its enterprise content management platform — Nuxeo 5.6. The Nuxeo platform provides users with document management, digital asset management and case management tools, which includes the Nuxeo Studio product. On the heels of releasing version 5.6, it also held its annual conference Nuxeo World 2012, where the company’s progress and current and upcoming projects were discussed.

CMS Report - 19 Dec 2012

Nuxeo Studio 2.9 Released

Unbelievably, I spent most of 2012 without writing a single article related to Nuxeo, an open source content management platform. CMS Report missed the opportunity for a great story in September when Nuxeo Platform 5.6 was released. At the time, we were busy migrating our own site to a new CMS and probably missed a lot of CMS stories that month. Luckily, we do have a Nuxeo related article to write before the year's end, the release of Nuxeo Studio 2.9.

KMWorld - 26 Nov 2012

U.S. Navy deploys content repository

Security was a top priority for the U.S. Navy in its initiative to find a new content management solution. The Navy’s old system stored content on the website server, but lacked versioning and other important content management capabilities.

CMSWire - 25 Oct 2012

Nuxeo World 2012: Content Routing and Process Automation

There were many issues addressed this afternoon at Nuxeo World around the release of v5.6, Nuxeo World, which is currently under way in Paris, gave many their first real look at some of the highlights, including the Content Routing feature.

CMSWire - 25 Oct 2012

Application Building, APIs, Nudist Beaches & 7 Ideas For A Great Platform

Brendan Coveney is a funny man. He’s also head of Americas and Asia/Pacific for Nuxeo. At last year’s Nuxeo World he gave an entertaining and insightful – seems the two can go together – analysis of content optimization. This year at NuxeoWorld he took on the no less stimulating top of the Power of the Platform for building apps, nudist beaches, and the features a great platform should have.

CMSWire - 25 Oct 2012

NuxeoWorld 2012: A Year in Review, v5.6 Release Is Key

There has been anecdotal evidence across the industry about the growth of Nuxeo in Europe since it opened its doors in 2000, and more recently in the US where it set up in 2009. As with many companies it’s hard to nail this down with figures — but the opening address by Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca at this week's Nuxeo World 2012 in Paris gave us some idea of what's happening behind the scenes.

Adventures in ECM - 25 Oct 2012

Nuxeo World Keynote

Eric Barocca, CEO Nuxeo, started by giving the helicopter overview of the Nuxeo platform and the Nuxeo company...

CMSWire - 23 Oct 2012

Nuxeo Gears Up To Show-Off v5.6 At Nuxeo World

Last month that Nuxeo released v5.6 and with it a new content routing feature. Well later this week we’ll be able to get a whole lot more information about the upgrade, and new feature, as Nuxeo World kicks off this Thursday in Paris.

Digital Asset Management News - 10 Sep 2012

Nuxeo 5.6 Released

One of our featured open source Digital Asset Management vendors, Nuxeo have released version 5.6 of their platform.

InfoTech Spotlight - 10 Sep 2012

Nuxeo Unveils Nuxeo Platform 5.6

Nuxeo Platform from Nuxeo has the ability to scale to repositories for terabytes of content and supports numerous users and caters to high-availability requirements of important content applications. Services can be distributed across various servers for optimized system performance.

CMSWire - 10 Sep 2012

DAM Lowdown: Front Porch Digital, Nuxeo 5.6 & Media Asset Management Startup axel video

It’s been another DAM week … and in this past week’s digital asset management news, Front Porch Digital and Nuxeo update, axel video gets radically simple, Amazon hearts CORS, and some thoughts about EMI’s needs and filenames’ possibilities.

CMSWire - 05 Sep 2012

Nuxeo 5.6 Launches with Adaptive Workflow, Desktop Synchronization

Open source enterprise content management (ECM) provider Nuxeo has released a new version of its platform. The new release, Nuxeo Platform 5.6, includes several major improvements that help enterprise create more full-featured solutions.

Innotecture - 11 Jun 2012

Content Management Interoperability Services

Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is an emerging standard that allows compliant Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to share documents. This article discusses the reasons for the emergence of CMIS and outlines some of the key elements of the standard. It outlines the response by one vendor (Nuxeo) and the use of the CMIS by Dutch local government. The article concludes with some comments on the future direction of CMIS.

CMSWire - 07 Jun 2012

Discussion Point: Does Open Source Encourage and Support Innovation?

Open Source and Innovation are two words you hear often in the content management industry, sometimes in the same sentence. But how exactly does open source encourage innovation? The question was raised with three open source vendors: Hippo, Liferay and Nuxeo. What follows are the responses.

Fierce Content Management - 25 Apr 2012

Nuxeo growth shows increasing demand for open source solutions

Open source enterprise content management vendor Nuxeo announced impressive growth over the last 12 months, which spanned revenue, customers and community.

CMSWire - 24 Apr 2012

Open Source Enterprise CMS Provider Nuxeo Reveals Impressive Growth

Open source enterprise content management system (enterprise CMS) platform provider Nuxeo has announced impressive new information about its growth in 2011. The company doubled both its revenue and customer base in the North American market, perhaps signaling a shift in market demand for more platform-centric solutions.