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At Nuxeo, we are passionate about quality, creativity and teamwork.
V. at Nuxeo

If we had to choose a motto that best describes the Nuxeo team it would be: “Respect the Geeks.” We hire talented people who are innovative in their approach to designing, creating and supporting the best content management platform available. It’s about commitment, innovation, and a desire to create a platform that enables our customers to build great business solutions. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

Meet the Team

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Top 4 Reasons to Work for Nuxeo

  1. Respect the Geeks. It doesn’t matter what you do at Nuxeo, you’re a geek at heart and what you do makes a difference. Work to provide a product you believe in -- a product that changes the way companies manage their digital content and operations.
  2. Innovation is for the Strong. With so many challenges to tackle, there are endless opportunities to be creative and innovative, not just for the Nuxeo Platform, but for our customers. We want you to think outside the box and not be afraid to make mistakes - because that’s how we learn best.
  3. Jack’s a Boring Guy. All work and no play makes a Jack a...well let’s just say there are no Jacks at Nuxeo. We respect creativity and experimentation, and we encourage you to have fun while you’re doing the work. We need passion, motivation and involvement, so if you are looking for a clock to punch, you won’t find one here.
  4. No Coffee - No Code. We recognize our employees' efforts and appreciate desire for quality and excellence in any role: developers, marketers, sales executives or office management. We'll ensure you're comfortable and energized with plenty of superb coffee (an absolute must!) and opportunities for training, growth and advancement.

Why They Chose Nuxeo

Arnaud Kervern

I was looking for a software company where I could create software rather than just meet clients. A friend told me Nuxeo was a very good company and it was a great place for developers so he recommended I look into working at Nuxeo.

Julie Allouch

I was working for a big company before — there were a lot of processes, you had to wait one week before someone replied to you…basically, nothing happened quickly. I wanted to try a smaller structure to experience what it was like to work in more of a start-up environment.

Vladimir Pasquier

Before Nuxeo, I had never done consulting outside of Paris, and I spoke only French. Nuxeo provided me with my first experience with traveling and consulting, and it’s been a very good experience. My first trip was to Bucharest, Romania and it was for Electronic Arts.

Benjamin Jalon

I worked previously at EADS, developing an application with the Nuxeo Platform. I became really interested in the Nuxeo technology after this experience and I decided I wanted to work at Nuxeo.

Bertrand Chauvin - Training Instructor

I was really looking for something more challenging technically. And what I really liked was the fact that Nuxeo was open source, and that it was an actual software vendor, which meant I could see customers in different domains, not just in the hospitality sector.