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05/06/2009 08:00 am

Nuxeo and Day Software join forces on Apache Chemistry project to advance the open CMIS standard

Apache Chemistry to provide common open source reference implementation of proposed CMIS standard for industry-leading ECM vendors

Paris, France and Basel, Switzerland – 6 May 2009 - Content management vendors Day Software and Nuxeo have joined forces on the Apache Software Foundation’s (ASF) Chemistry incubator project, which aims to produce a generic, open source reference implementation of the CMIS standard. CMIS is designed to benefit the growing number companies looking for a standards-based API to access documents stored in a wide-variety of ECM repositories. Both companies will be discussing their joint work on Apache Chemistry in an upcoming webinar on May 26, 2009.

The Apache Software Foundation is a vendor-neutral, non-profit organization that has been at the heart of the open source movement since Day’s Software Chief Scientist Roy Fielding incorporated Apache 10 years ago. Based on the fundamentals of an open, collaborative development model and a liberal-use open source licensing model, the Apache Software Foundation promotes joint development by independent software vendors in one single umbrella organization. As an industry-led movement towards a new content management standard, CMIS represents an ideal candidate for a community-driven open source project supported by leading ECM vendors to create a common reference implementation that can be liberally incorporated into their product stacks with the business-friendly Apache licensing model. As founding members of the project, both Day Software and Nuxeo have contributed their own bespoke implementations of CMIS to create a common, unified implementation to create a larger, more vibrant developer community around CMIS that avoids risks associated with vendor lock-in.

The proposed CMIS standard has re-ignited interest and demand in content management standards, a movement initiated with the ratification of the industry’s first content management standard, JSR-170 and the Apache Jackrabbit project. Day Software and Nuxeo, whose product offerings both leverage the Apache Jackrabbit open source core, see continued collaboration within the ASF on Apache Chemistry as a natural extension of their continuing work on driving content management standards. Through Apache Chemistry, Day and Nuxeo look to build broad community participation in driving a common implementation of CMIS that can support any enterprise content repository, including any repository compliant with the JSR-170 standard. With the same open, collaborative model as OASIS specification process, Apache Chemistry promises to accelerate the development, ratification, and adoption of the CMIS standard, a goal that Nuxeo and Day both see as being important to continued growth of the ECM and WCM industry.

Éric Barroca, CEO, Nuxeo said: “As a leading ECM open source vendor, we see collaboration within the ASF as an important component to driving the finalization and ratification of this new, proposed standard. The ASF is a vendor-neutral, vibrant, and dynamic community of the world’s leading open source developers. The ASF provides a unique environment for vendors such as Nuxeo to work with other leading vendors like Day to promote the development of core open software infrastructure and adoption of new standards.”

Adds David Nuescheler, CTO of Day: “We look forward to engaging others in the open source community and ECM space to join forces and develop a strong client and server implementation for the upcoming CMIS standard. Combining efforts to accelerate development and ensure quality and robustness will facilitate adoption and help make CMIS a reality.”

About Day - www.day.com, @daysoftware

Day Software is the ECM pioneer that leading global enterprises rely on for their Web 2.0 content application and content infrastructure needs. Day’s Content Repository Extreme (CRX) is the industry’s leading Java Content Repository (JCR) that provides unique virtualization services to consolidate legacy repositories and unique cloud computing services to lower IT operational costs. Day’s Communique CQ5 provides industry-leading Web Content Management, Digital Asset Management, and Social Collaboration in a single, unified suite and won the 2009 InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award for “Best Web CMS”.
Day is an international company with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and Newport Beach, California, traded since April 2000 on the SIX Swiss Exchange, and “Over the Counter” (OTC) as American Depositary Receipts (OTCQX:DYIHY). Day’s customers are worldwide leading global enterprises, including: Volkswagen, Daimler, Nissan, Williams-Sonoma, Chanel, Allianz, Vodaphone, LaPoste, Time, Inc., University of Phoenix, and InterContinental Hotels.

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