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Long Term Support

Nuxeo’s content management platform provides helps application developers and deliverers build solutions for document management, case management, digital asset management, and information management for structured content. Nuxeo offers support for the whole lifecycle, from design and implementation to testing and deployment, to help developers and solution architects build applications faster and maintain them with minimal effort.

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Fast Track releases (odd numbered versions) have more frequent updates, for quicker access to new features. They are commonly used for testing and prototyping.
Long Term Support releases (even numbered versions) are updated annually and offer full support and maintenance for clients.

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The Nuxeo Platform is a highly customizable and extensible set of content management components, services and APIs that has been designed for content-centric application development.

These building blocks can be assembled, modified and extended to build innovative content-centric applications to meet unique business requirements.

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Applications & Modules

The Nuxeo Platform offers a unified environment and a powerful set of content management applications and modules that are ready for out-of-the-box deployment:

Nuxeo Mobile

A Customizable Mobile App for Document Management and Content Management

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Nuxeo Cloud provides the Nuxeo Platform as a Service - a seamless development, customization, testing and production environment in the Cloud.

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Integrations & Connectors

The Nuxeo Platform is modular, has an extensive set of APIs, and is fully compliant with the Content Management Interoperability Services standard (CMIS), making it flexible enough for all types of integrations.

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Nuxeo Drive

Nuxeo Drive enables bidirectional synchronization of content between the local desktop and the Nuxeo content repository, on premise or in the Cloud.

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Nuxeo Platform for Education

When it comes to content management and document management for the education sector, Nuxeo understands the challenges. Our education and research clients use the Nuxeo Platform to build e-learning portals, to manage documents, to collaborate on projects, and to share knowledge within their community.

Higher Education and Research offering

Subscription Support, Maintenance, and Customization Toolsets

Beyond just providing a content management platform, Nuxeo strives to make the whole lifecycle of content-centric application building easier, from development to deployment and maintenance. To deliver on that promise, Nuxeo provides a subscription service, Nuxeo Connect, a complete package of support, maintenance and tools to help you configure, customize and extend the platform.

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Configure, Customize, Extend

Nuxeo provides developer-friendly tools to accelerate and automate customization work, allowing solution architects to focus on function innovations.

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Nuxeo Studio

Nuxeo Studio is a powerful online graphical toolset for configuring and customizing the Nuxeo Platform. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, Nuxeo Studio enables the rapid configuration of Nuxeo Platform-based applications.

Nuxeo IDE

Nuxeo IDE is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables developers to extend the Nuxeo Platform properly with new features written in Java, in a friendly environment that takes advantage of the extensibility of the Nuxeo Platform and integrates with Nuxeo Studio.