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Case Management

Open Source Case Management Software

Configure a Case-Centric Application for Your Context

Nuxeo Case Management
The Nuxeo case management module extends the proven power of Nuxeo Platform, delivering core case management requirements such as workflow, document and item management, search, retrieval, annotation and auditing. Designed to enable clean customization and adaptation in a real world organizational context, the case management module is a pragmatic toolset for building case-based software solutions that replace paper-intensive, file cabinet-focused processes.

A Framework for Structured Application Building

Case management is a context-sensitive process, and software solutions need to replicate very specific, ordered manual processes that were formerly paper-intensive, involving physical inboxes and outboxes and large file cabinets. Every case processing scenario – such as passport applications, or insurance claims – operates differently, with specific content storage, workflow, distribution, and validation requirements. Case management solutions must adapt cleanly to these ordered routines to offer real time savings at all phases of the case processing cycle, from workflow and validation, to search and retrieval, to archiving.

The Nuxeo case management module adds case-centric functionality on top of the modular, robust Nuxeo Platform, offering a flexible foundation for building a software solution that adapts to case or container-centric processes.

Configure and Customize Seamlessly for Accelerated Deployment

Architected for flexibility and modularity, the Nuxeo Platform technology offers a complete range of core content management components and services. The case management module adds a layer of case-centric functionality and an inbox-focused interface to facilitate the building and deployment of a case management application. By design, Nuxeo is readily customizable, enabling solution architects to:

  • Reduce development and proof of concept stages. Application designers can take full advantage of Nuxeo Studio, the hosted configuration and customization environment for the entire Nuxeo ECM platform. They can get up to speed quickly, with this graphical toolset that is designed for ease of use and ease of learning, and easily accessible to non-developers.
  • Reduce solution design and rollout timelines from months to weeks by reusing common widgets and templates and building on a framework that comes with a large set of ready-to-use content management and case management functionalities.
  • Demonstrate results and measurable outcomes quickly, and in line with the demands of busy information workers. Unified inboxes regardless of item format, reporting, dashboards, pre-built processes and lifecycles, case-centric tagging, categorization and access controls extend the core content management strength of the Nuxeo Platform into a streamlined framework for business applications.

Nuxeo puts the power of application design into the hands of information architects and domain experts, thus fast-tracking the achievement of business goals and productivity gains by getting people working smarter and faster.

Open Source and Open Standards for Innovation and Sustainability 

Nuxeo provides is the first open source case management framework from an Enterprise Content Management provider. Nuxeo’s deep commitment to both open source and open standards includes:

  • Availability of the software under an open source license (LGPL), with source code repositories, as well as development, build and testing tools available to developers
  • Compliance with key open standards initiatives such as CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services), OSGI, SOAP and REST, OAUTH, OpenSocial, and Dublin Core
  • Active contributions to multiple highly respected open source projects that are used by the Nuxeo Platform, such as the Apache Chemistry project for CMIS, the Apache Stanbol project for semantic content management, and the Eclipse Apricot Enterprise Content Repository Project.

An open source development model, coupled with open standards in the software stack, ultimately offers tremendous value for the client, through:

  • Greater innovation, with an active community feeding requirements and even code contributions into the software
  • Strong standards support, providing assurance for customers that content is accessible, transferable, and sustainable for long term projects.

The Nuxeo case management solution is designed to meet the challenges of a broad spectrum of case management initiatives, for the long term. With a software platform that is used by a broad community, our customers are ensured of a technology ecosystem sustained by real-world feedback, performance testing, rapid innovation, commitment to backwards compatibility, and protection of customization investments.