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Digital Asset Management for Enterprise Applications

A Platform Approach to Digital and Media Asset Management

Are digital assets in your organization limited to media files? Or are they core components of your business – essentially your company's intellectual property? In any case, the need for content sharing, traceability, versioning, and secure access apply in any context. 

For solution architects and developers who are building DAM applications to delight users, the best solution adapts to your business environment and connects with other content in your organization. The Nuxeo Platform helps you develop content-driven applications in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, for more connected content and processes.

Nuxeo DAM: Managing Digital and Media Assets

Media and digital content, such as images, audio, and video, have unique criteria for effective management. The Nuxeo Platform offers a foundation for common content management services, and a layer of functionality specific to digital assets. 

A touch of DAM awesomeness in the Nuxeo Platform 

  • Capture – Batch upload, metadata extraction (IPTC, XMP, EXIF), video storyboarding on ingestion, support for a wide variety of file formats
  • Catalog & Index – Metadata tagging, identification of intellectual property rights and distribution policies, bulk edit, versioning, localization, custom metadata
  • Process & Review – Customizable workflow, bulk validation, annotations, zoom-in/zoom out, video transcoding and streaming, access to collections by defined internal/external groups
  • Render & Deliver – Multiple renditions to manage resolutions, sizes, and formats, support for sharing, multi-channel export, publishing (e.g. to a WCM) with IP and localization rules
  • Search & Retrieve – Faceted navigation for easy search and filtering, support for relationships between assets, bulk download, APIs for third party integrations.

More DAM features 

The Nuxeo Platform for Building Business Applications

The Nuxeo Platform is a modular, extensible, Java-based content management platform that has been designed from day one for easy and graceful customization. Fully open source, the Nuxeo Platform enables developers to view design patterns and code structure, so they can build an application to solve their problems in less time, and with better resources.

Nuxeo Platform provides all of the features you need for building sustainable content applications. 

  • Scalability – supports repositories with terabytes of content and tens of thousands of users
  • Extensibility – modular architecture based on a component system and service-oriented architecture
  • Workflow – a customizable content routing engine with internal and external secure access
  • Flexible content model – customizable content and metadata model enabling capture and storage of any kind of business asset

The Nuxeo Platform also offers many more content management features and a full range of deployment configurations.

The Best DAM Tool Ever: APIs

Nuxeo API

The Nuxeo Platform is built on a powerful plug-in architecture, inspired by the Eclipse Platform. The plug-ins' extension points have API interfaces, providing a clean and graceful way to add new functionality. The UI is also included as part of the platform, so the plug-in architecture allows for modification without rewriting the code. The platform also features a full and extensible set of  blazingly fast and lightweight REST APIs that can be used to integrate with other applications and services.

More about the Nuxeo Platform APIs 

Authentication, Access Control, and Security


The Nuxeo Platform provides highly customizable access mechanisms to adapt to even the most stringent requirements. Out of the box functionality includes:

  • Local SQL directories or remote LDAP, Active Directory or SQL
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Permission-based access control
  • Mandatory access control with security policies

Security exists at all levels of the platform, from repository-level access control checks to defensive strategies at the application level (e.g. XSS counter-measure) to pluggable authentication methods and HTTPS.

A Single Repository for All of Your Content

Content does not exist in a vacuum. Too often, DAM initiatives are isolated within a single department and disconnected from the organization's content management solution, an opportunity to make connections that drive better processes is missed.

Single repository

When digital and media content is viewed as a set of assets for the whole organization, and is included in the overall content management strategy, processes become more efficient, transparent, and sustainable. 

A central repository for all of your content offers an inclusive, connected way of managing your assets across the enterprise. 

Customization: Adapt the Platform to Your Use Case

Nuxeo Studio

From simply adding your company logo to your application to more advanced content model and workflow configuration, Nuxeo Studio provides the complete environment to help you adapt the Nuxeo Platform to your use case quickly and easily. A cornerstone of the Nuxeo Connect subscription service, Nuxeo Studio is a hosted graphical customization and configuration environment, enabling you to focus on the functional and technical requirements of your application, without the complexity of coding or installing yet another tool.

Nuxeo Connect provides a full support system for building and maintaining your application, including support with SLAs, maintenance, and access to Nuxeo Studio and the Nuxeo Marketplace, an online source of optional add-ons for the Nuxeo Platform.

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