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Key Features for Digital Asset Management

Full functionality for multimedia content


Asset Capture and Batch Import
  • Simple user-friendly upload capability for upload of batches of media assets
  • Automated extraction of media metadata supporting IPTC and EXIF standards
  • Bulk tagging of media assets metadata specific to customer needs
  • Identify media by coverage, source, region, subject, campaign, and custom metadata
Video Storyboarding

  • Generation of a series of thumbnails that segment the contents of a video file upon import
  • Chapters can be viewed individually, enabling the easy location of scenes and identification of video segments to share with colleagues
  • The video streaming feature offers instant viewing access to a video, because it starts playing before the end of the file download
Configurable Content Model
  • Power users and system administrators can quickly define and configure a content model for the specific application needs
  • Ability to define metadata for media assets
  • Create controlled vocabularies for content description and discovery
Supported Formats
  • Support for very wide range of popular media formats
  • Pictures, Images, Audio and Video
  • Common office document formats, PDF and text files
  • Ever-expanding list of supported format types
  • JPG, PNG, AVI, MP4, MP3, WAV, and more
  • View the complete list of formats in the online user guide

Catalog & Index

Intellectual Property
  • Control use of intellectual property assets by assigning IP rights and coverage
  • Ensure internal digital content protected, secured with granular access controls

Access Rights
  • Control and protect the use of external media assets to assure appropriate use and distribution
  • Identify licensed content and manage in compliance with contract terms and conditions
  • Track expiration and embargo dates across campaigns and collections of assets
  • Enforce geographic and broadcast restrictions
  • Identify media usage constraints by subject, format type, license agreements
  • Monitor and log asset usage with audit history
Bulk Edit
  • Edit file descriptions, define metadata, and adjust settings for a selection of multiple assets
  • Ease large-scale media file processing

Process & Review

  • Annotate image, picture and office format assets directly from the browser
  • Let users comment and discuss digital content collaboratively
  • Comment on fine details with zoom in/zoom out on graphic items
  • Navigate from annotation to annotation for quick comment review

Navigation and Preview
  • Users can navigate through media assets using a variety of simple techniques
  • Navigate through asset lists, or through metadata categories
  • View assets in thumbnail mode while navigating through content
  • Granular zoom-in/zoom out to preview fine details
  • Wide range of media asset types supported in preview mode

Security and Access Control
  • Control sharing and access to assets with Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Support for authentication, user sources, and user groups

Render & Deliver

  • Organizations can store and manage multiple renditions of the same asset to support different use cases
  • Easily create multiple renditions during the ingestion process
  • Manage range of resolutions, sizes, formats in consistent and connected way
  • Ensure each unique rendition has its own unique URL for simple and accurate distribution and review
  • Create consistent campaigns, projects, collateral with assets designed for the variety of consumption channels: web, mobile, print
Export of Media Files

Centrally control and publish content to remote Nuxeo applications, file systems, HTTP servers, web portals, and more with a pluggable and unified publishing service. It is suited to deployments with a distributed information architecture, balancing ease of publication with requirements to for content control.

Search & Retrieve

Filter Media Asset Repository for Simple Navigation
  • Users can browse the asset repository using dynamic visual filters on metadata
  • Metadata-based filters allows discovery of assets based on any number of categories: content type, folder name, geographical coverage, hierarchical categorizatio ns)
  • Full text support for browsing and item search, including annotations and captions
Faceted Navigation

An advanced navigation mechanism that enables document repository browsing with dynamic filtering on multiple facets (metadata). Navigation facets are fully configurable, and can be defined independently for a given asset type.

IT Integration

Deep Integration Across IT Ecosystem
  • The underlying enterprise scale Nuxeo Platform ensures that the digital asset management module works with existing IT infrastructure applications
  • LDAP or Active Directory for user and group management
  • Single Sign-on support for authentication
  • Leverages the underlying CMIS server to ensure interoperability with other content management applications (third party Web Content Management products, other ECM repositories, portals)
Fully Browser- and Web-based
  • Web standards and technologies provide a rich browser-based user experience
  • No plug-ins or Flash required
  • Web access ensures quick and secure access to rich content from any location, any time
Shared Repository
  • Access documents and files from other modules of the Nuxeo Platform, such as the Document Management module
  • Using the power of the Nuxeo Platform, Nuxeo offers a unified experience and workflow to users throughout the organization