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Semantic Entities, a Nuxeo Platform - Apache Stanbol Integration

Semantic Entities

A Nuxeo - Apache Stanbol Integration

The Semantic Entities module for the Nuxeo Platform extracts and analyzes the text content of documents in a Nuxeo repository by using an external Apache Stanbol server and the knowledge base DBpedia to link documents to summary hubs for real life entities such as persons, places and organizations.

Semantic Linking of Recognizable Data Entities in a Content Repository

The Semantic Entities package provides a call to the open source Apache incubator project now known as Apache Stanbol. Nuxeo has been a very active contributor to this open source OSGi-based RESTful semantic engine project, established under the Interactive Knowledge Stack project (IKS) and formerly known as FISE. This semantic service analyzes document text to find notable people, places, or organizations using DBPedia, as an online reference knowledge base created from information extracted from Wikipedia. The semantic engine identifies notable entities within the file text. An entity hub then enables access to related information, such as lists of other repository documents that reference the same entity, and descriptions and images from DBPedia. Entities can also be manually created, or manually linked from a document. News agencies, educational institutions, research firms or any organization needing quick, accurate identification of known personalities, organizations, or places, across large volumes of text, will benefit from this packaged module.

Getting Started

Nuxeo Platform and the Semantic Entities plugin are available for immediate download and installation, so a proof of concept can be built quickly with the following resources: