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Welcome Nuxeo Platform 5.5!

Welcome to the new version of the Nuxeo Content Management Platform, a major step forward in how organizations develop their business applications.

With the Nuxeo Platform 5.5, we've transformed the way organizations develop and run content-centric applications, offering the best of all worlds for end users, developers and business owners. Browse through the new features to find out what's new on the Platform, and take it for a test drive!


It's Time for Social Collaboration!

Nuxeo Platform 5.5 includes a brand new collaboration module. Inspired by the best elements of the social network experience, this module provides a user- and subject-centric view of your content, enabling collaborative project management. With a new path for collaboration, in a modern and social way, this feature set will help streamline and accelerate communication and collaboration in your organization, connecting user communities of all kinds.

The new social collaboration features are pivotal to the cooperation and sharing of knowledge between our many different communities of students, teachers and researchers.

Mustapha Alouani, research & development manager, École Centrale Paris (ECP)

Social Workspaces

Project teams, communities, and groups can now meet and work in new social workspaces. These new spaces feature private and public dashboards for end users, gadget management, and content and document libraries. They provide a quick and simple way to publish and access information while collaborating with others.

Activity Streams

This new features gives an activity snapshot from your connections - those who are working on documents and content in the workspaces that you are allowed to follow. This gives a fast and simple, but secure way to easily access content and documents in the workspace, as well as a quick link to the user profiles of those involved in managing the content you follow.

Relationship Network

Users of the Nuxeo Platform have now an extended rich user profile. Any user can now search for other users on the Platform and make a connection, by adding them to one of their relation circles. These connections facilitate communication and collaboration, with access to micro-messages and views on the activity stream.


 Find out more about the Social Collaboration module

Enterprise Content Management Goes Mobile

The Nuxeo Platform 5.5 offers improved support for users and developers of mobile applications. The platform architecture and APIs have been optimized, to offer a reliable back end for mobile content applications. The Platform also features a new Android SDK which, on the client side, makes it possible to quickly develop the most challenging mobile content-centric applications. And, like always with the Nuxeo Platform, we made it simple not only to develop, but also to maintain and run, to ensure the best experience for developers as well as the best value for businesses!

Android SDK

Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system for both smartphones and tablets. Not only does its market share makes it a leader, but it is also the one that is growing the fastest. Add to that the fact that it is extremly well suited for professional and enterprise users, and it makes for a phenomenon we couldn't ignore.

While all other mobile platforms are still pluggable on the Nuxeo Platform, we wanted to show a special love to the Android platform for now!

More Than a Simple Mobile API or App

Other content management systems may think they did the job by just providing the API. The mobile SDK for the Nuxeo Platform goes beyond this. It wraps the APIs into some libraries on the client device, but it also provides all the modularity and extensibility of the Nuxeo Platform. This enables you to customize and extend the platform and build your own operations and features on the server side, and expose them through the mobile SDK! This is not just a mobile application, but a real platform that also operates on the mobile side.

Synchronization and Offline Mode

The mobile SDK developed by Nuxeo not only embeds and wraps all the Nuxeo APIs, making it easy to connect to a Nuxeo back end, it also provides a range of client side features on the mobile device. Mobile app developers don’t have to reinvent the wheel, instead, they can focus on business functionality and the user interface.
For example, the offline mode and the synchronization agent makes it possible for a mobile user to work on content and documents, even offline, and then synchronize their changes back to the server. This is a simple and obviously useful feature, but one that is not provided by any other content management platform. Now, it’s available!

A Wide Range of Core Improvements to the Nuxeo Platform

Not surprisingly, this new version of the Nuxeo Platform, like each and every new version, comes with a large set of core improvements. Our R&D team dedicated a large part of the development time not only on developing new features, but also on improving and enhancing the existing features and the core components of the platform.With 5.5, core improvements cover all areas of the platform, from the look'and'feel to the content repository; from the packaging to the underlying system stack. This makes the Nuxeo Platform, now more than ever, the best unified platform for application builders to use to develop their applications. It provides a large set of generic modules, now in a unified package, while also offering a homogeneous, consistent platform to customize and extend.

Nuxeo’s bundling of platform and application technology is meant to help architects match the application to functional and technical project requirements, and lay the foundation for future changes. This can work because of the openness and modularity of Nuxeo’s ECM platform.Kathleen Reidy, Senior Analyst, The 451 Group

New Theme and Style Engine

The Nuxeo Platform comes with a brand new Theme and Style engine, relying on a new CSS framework, making it easier for web developers and designers to customize the Nuxeo look'and'feel to create fabulous user interfaces!

Improved Performance

The fastest just became even faster. As with every release of the Nuxeo Platform, a significant amount of enhancements have focused on ensuring that the Nuxeo Content Repository remains the most scalable and best performing platform for content-centric applications.

Cloud-based Storage

The Nuxeo Platform allows the use of remote cloud-based storage for all, or just a subset, of the content repository data. This option makes it possible to rely on elastic and organic storage systems.

Updated CMIS Support

Nuxeo Content Repository updated its support for CMIS.

CMIS logo

OpenJDK and Java 7 Support

For even more openness and to remain on the cutting edge of technology, Nuxeo Platform 5.5 supports OpenJDK as a default Java setup and Java 7.

Open JDK 7

Unified Packaging

Packaging of the Nuxeo Platform has been updated, featuring a brand new dynamic installation wizard that makes it easy to select and run different modules of the Platform:  Document Management, Case Management, Digital Asset Management and Social Collaboration.

HTML5 Support

It was about time that HTML5 became the standard way to serve rich media on the Internet! Nuxeo Platform 5.5 provides HTML5 players for video content, whether you use the Digital Asset Management user interface or customized content types in the traditional Nuxeo Document Management interface.


Improved Video Transcoding

The digital asset management module offers additional video transcoding capabilities. Administrators can define different renditions for video assets and the platform will transcode the original video into each of the target formats and make them available to other users.

This, and the wide range of video formats that are supported, make it possible to automate and simplify the task of video asset management, whether you need your videos in MP4, WebM, AVI, all of them at the same time, or any other format.

Support for Complex Types

The Nuxeo Platform now also supports complex types to be managed and queried by the Nuxeo Content Repository. This is an additional feature for Nuxeo VCS, reinforcing its position as the most advanced content repository on the market.


Read all the details in the technical release notes of the 5.5 version

Unmatched Developer Experience!

As a very important part of the platform, Nuxeo has focused on providing organizations the right tools for the customization and the development of their solutions. Nuxeo Platform 5.5 delivers on that strategy. The previously unveiled Nuxeo IDE is now available for production purposes. From the outset, Nuxeo IDE was built for the 5.5 release. Nuxeo Studio, the configuration and customization environment provided as a service, also offers a new set of features, pushing the limits of customization and configuration even further. With these unique tools, Nuxeo delivers an unmatched experience for content application developers!

icon studio
Nuxeo Studio

With Nuxeo Platform 5.5, Nuxeo Studio benefits from numerous new capabilities that make it easier to customize Nuxeo applications from your browser, without any manual coding.

The improved Theme and Style engine is integrated with Nuxeo Studio, providing simpler tools to customize the look'and'feel of your Nuxeo applications, using presets and easy styling.

Collaborative editing in Nuxeo Studio now enables multiple users to work on the same project, making collaborative real time configuration projects possible!

Nuxeo Studio now provides extended support for Digital Asset Management and Case Management, for easy customization of all content-centric applications.

Try Nuxeo Studio

icon ide
Nuxeo IDE

Nuxeo IDE is an integrated development environment for the Nuxeo Platform based on the Eclipse IDE. Developed for Nuxeo Platform 5.5, it allows developers to extend the Nuxeo Platform more easily and cleanly.

Hot reload is one of the most exciting features of Nuxeo IDE. Developers can now develop and deploy their work on development, test, or even production environments smoothly, saving a large amount of time, and allowing them to focus on development tasks more than on deployment and testing.

Nuxeo IDE also provides a set of wizards and templates to speed ramp up of new projects. They extend the capabilities of the platform. Examples include creating new operations, developing new user interfaces, and developing new Web Engine projects.

Finally, Nuxeo IDE works hand in hand with Nuxeo Studio, making it easy to combine simple customization in Nuxeo Studio and development of new features in Nuxeo IDE, coherently.

Download Nuxeo IDE on the Eclipse Marketplace

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