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Welcome to the new version of the Nuxeo Platform, an integrated environment for building and deploying content-centric business applications, with ready-to-use solutions for Content Management, Document Management, Digital Asset Management, Case Management, and Social Collaboration.
With the 5.6 version, Nuxeo continues to innovate with its full-stack software platform and complete development environment. This version further widens the gap with respect to competitor offerings by supporting customers throughout the full lifecycle of application development, deployment, and operation.

Content Routing: a Workflow Engine 

Nuxeo Platform 5.6 features an adaptive workflow engine specifically designed for case management applications and leveraging the platform services for views, forms, business logic and APIs. Content routing is directly integrated as a core service of the Nuxeo Platform and features powerful capabilities for both end users and application developers. With this adaptive workflow engine, users can modify the workflow midstream, enabling the real time flexibility that makes workflow an efficiency driver instead of a time sink. Even better, content routing is available in Nuxeo Studio - workflow configuration and design made easy!


Nuxeo Platform 5.6 Webinar Series

Nuxeo hosted a series of summer webinars to take a deep dive into each new feature set. The webinars were recorded and are available for viewing online at your own pace.  


Adaptive Workflow

End users can adapt the route midstream, potentially defining ad hoc tasks, involving other resources, or handing the workflow task off to someone else.  

Visual Workflow Design

The content routing feature is fully accessible through Nuxeo Studio, for a graphical design interface that manages all aspects of the workflow configuration - processes, forms, business logic, and more. 


View the Content Routing webinars: Part 1 - Part 2


5.6 Release Notes


User Interface Design

Nuxeo continually monitors ease of use from the end user’s perspective, integrating feedback from clients, community, and its own employees, who use the platform daily as the company intranet. The content page now has a slicker new look, with an action bar and a revised summary page. Other enhancements include AJAX tab switching (optional) and a more direct upload via drag‘n’drop, with the help of HTML5.

Nuxeo Studio

Nuxeo Studio

New features in Nuxeo Studio ease configuration and customization efforts:

Tab Designer

Tab Designer, for configuration of both the layout and content of each tab of a content object, using default and custom widgets;

Hot Reload: improvements in the way the platform handles hot reload make all changes from Nuxeo Studio hot reloadable, dramatically speeding development time;

Complex Type Definition: it is now possible to create complex types (with nested properties) in the schema designer of content objects, and use those complex types in forms and views.

Action Bar

Action bar

A customizable action bar is displayed on the content page, with a default set of buttons such as “like,” share, follow, and the possibility to create custom buttons.

Content Summary Page

This version offers a more ergonomic content summary page with easily accessible information, representing a move towards a single page paradigm for content objects. 


View the Customizing the User Interface webinar 



Delivering on its strategy to help customers build SaaS applications, Nuxeo offers both application-level and container-level multi-tenancy in the 5.6 release of the Nuxeo Platform.

Core Improvements 


Nuxeo Platform 5.6 offers under-the-covers improvements to further optimize performance and platform services.

These include a shared data cache for the repository, a new job service to manage long running or recurring tasks, Java 7 support and upgrade to Tomcat 7, dependency management for packages and hot fixes, and quota service and management.

App-level Multi-Tenancy

Multi tenancy

App-level multi-tenancy helps manage multiple tenants with minor configuration differences. This feature includes full separation of per-tenant data, such as users, groups, vocabularies, document types, and themes.

Container-level Multi-Tenancy

Container-level multi-tenancy provides one code base for multiple instances (JVMs), enabling isolation of instances so that OS-level features for resource sharing and quotas (i.e. network bandwidth, storage, CPUs, etc.) can be leveraged.


View the Cloud Infrastructure webinar


Document Management

Nuxeo Platform 5.6 offers document management features to extend content tracking and reporting capabilities. 

Social Collaboration


The Social Collaboration module that was introduced in version 5.5 helps promote user engagement within the content-centric application. New features in version 5.6 include a new wall to automatically display activities and updates for the workspace or other content object, “like” & “vote” features to show support, and a follow action button to trigger notifications. These new features are designed to give quicker access to relevant information and foster collaboration in traditional business applications.  

Content Diff

The diff feature provides a visual report of the differences between content objects, including properties, metadata, and textual content. It can be used to compare different content objects or different versions of the same object. It also supports complex properties (for business-related objects) and office files.

Document Templating


With this new feature, standard Office document templates (Word, Excel, OpenOffice) can be used to generate formatted documents containing repository data, including content properties. This helps create business documents, such as invoices, project reports, brochures, product descriptions, or image galleries.


View the Document Management and Social Collaboration webinar 


Mobility and Desktop Synchronization

Nuxeo Platform 5.6 offers new features to continue Nuxeo’s path of providing the platform and infrastructure for developing purpose-built applications with ubiquitous access. 

Nuxeo Drive

Nuxeo Drive

This desktop synchronization technology is a Dropbox-like client for bidirectional synchronization of the Nuxeo repository with the local desktop, with advanced features for metadata viewing and editing, custom versioning, and conflict resolution. Currently available as a preview feature, the full release of Nuxeo Drive will come later this year. A short demo video is already available for viewing. 

Mobile App Framework 

Mobile Nuxeo

A template for building hybrid HTML5 / native applications, the mobile application and framework for iOS and Android was built on Apache Cordova (or PhoneGap). It includes most commonly used content management features, such as search, browse, preview, marked documents, activity stream, and much more.


View the Mobility and Desktop Synchronization webinar

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