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Online Development Environment for Nuxeo

Online Customization and Configuration Toolset for Open Source ECM

Nuxeo Studio
Nuxeo Studio is a configuration and customization environment provided as a hosted web-based tool. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, Nuxeo Studio enables the rapid configuration of the Nuxeo Platform and its modules for Document Management, Digital Asset Management, and Case Management

Nuxeo Studio is available to Nuxeo Connect subscribers.

Customize, deploy and upgrade with no hassle - "as a service"  


Nuxeo Studio is great. In a situation where our customer had tight scheduling constraints, Studio helped us optimize the project implementation time. There is tremendous value in Nuxeo Studio, because its graphical design interface lets our technical team deliver on customer requirements without coding. Our .NET developers are now delivering cutting edge Java-based content applications by using the power of Nuxeo Studio.

Hervé Brasme, Ineat Conseil

Like all components of the Nuxeo Connect package, Nuxeo Studio is delivered as a service, eliminating the pain of managing your own development, support and maintenance infrastructure.

Getting started with Studio is fast and easy. Since it's a hosted environment, there are no installation and upgrade requirements. Upgrades are transparent for users - they have no time-consuming process to follow. Studio ensures that projects are always compatible with new features and new versions, transparently. Not only does this help users save time and resources, but they also avoid glitches in their project due to upgrades and they maintain control of the whole development and deployment chain.

Even better, when you need to upgrade your Nuxeo Platform installation, Studio ensures that your customization developments are compatible with the new application version. Upgrade your Nuxeo deployment, and your Studio projects will follow automatically. No effort, no hassles.

Studio also offers a smooth deployment process, because it is directly connected to your application. Building a plug-in and deploying it on a development, QA or production environment is only a matter of a few clicks.

Enhance productivity, accelerate customization projects and keep control

With a graphical interface and a set of configurable examples, Studio enables application builders to customize content applications without coding, greatly reducing the time necessary to customize and configure Nuxeo platform-based content management applications. Even better, time to delivery is accelerated by eliminating the need for the error checking required when customizing with Java code. Studio ensures project validity automatically, hiding the complexity from users.

Nuxeo Studio will give you control of:

  • Application branding, 
  • custom metadata, 
  • custom document types and templates, 
  • content lifecycle and workflows,
  • content views,
  • and much more.

A hot reload feature allows for instant and frequent reviews of Studio customizations, without requiring a lengthy process for installation of a package and application restart. Overall, customizing Nuxeo Platform applications is a task measured in minutes or hours with Nuxeo Studio, instead of days.