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Nuxeo Private Marketplace Channel: Deploying Custom Developments

See a short demo of the Nuxeo Private Marketplace Channel: Deploying Custom Developments.

An Hour with the CTO: All About APIs and the Nuxeo Platform

Spend an hour with Nuxeo CTO, Thierry Delprat as he talks specifics of the Nuxeo REST APIs.

Connecting Mule ESB and the Nuxeo Platform

Join Mike Obrebski, Technical Consultant, for this live webinar with a demo and Q&A to find out how the Mule ESB Connector works.

Building Virtual Navigation Structures for the Nuxeo Platform

Join us for this webinar to find out how to build virtual navigation structures for your application.


The Mule ESB Connector

See a short functional demo of the Mule ESB Connector for the Nuxeo Platform.

Designing Workflows for the Nuxeo Platform

Join us for this webinar offering an introduction to workflow design for the Nuxeo Platform.

A Product Lifecycle and Information Management Application for the Food Industry

Join us for this live webinar featuring Christophe Mahé, product manager at Vif, where he will offer insight on the use of the Nuxeo Platform as a foundation for building a content-centric application. 


Nuxeo Studio

In this presentation, Benjamin discusses the process used at Nuxeo to create a toolbox for customers to use when building their content management applications.

Nuxeo Drive: An Extensible Solution for Synchronizing your Desktop with a Nuxeo Repository

After a demonstration of the main features of Nuxeo Drive, Antoine shows you how it can be customized and extended to adapt to specific requirements.

How to Contribute to the Nuxeo Community

Laurent provides some insights about Nuxeo’s community and discusses what is meant by contribution in the wider sense of the term.