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Subscription Offering for Open Source Content Management Solutions

Assure Content Management Application Success

Support, Maintenance, and a Customization Environment
Nuxeo Connect Subscription

The Nuxeo Connect subscription delivers high-quality software maintenance, support, and a hosted Customization as a Service environment for any content application designed and deployed with Nuxeo technology.

ECM deployments achieve a return on time and resource investment much faster when clients subscribe to Nuxeo Connect.

Nuxeo Connect Offering

Customers subscribing to Nuxeo Connect are assured of certified patches, support, value-added design, configuration, monitoring and management tools, access to Nuxeo Marketplace and Nuxeo Studio, and real-time notifications of product updates from the in-product update center. A full environment, delivered as a service, allows Connect subscribers to develop, customize, run and deploy applications, at the best cost and time to market.

A clear pricing model allows organizations of all sizes to scale their experience as content applications expand.

Support, Maintenance, and Customization - All In One

Nuxeo Connect delivers support packages with SLAs, world-class maintenance, and a Customization as a Service offering, all through the one-stop Nuxeo Connect portal.

Premium Support packages for problem resolution are tiered by Silver, Gold, or Platinum service level agreements, giving Nuxeo customers flexible, value-added options for the assurances and commitments they require for their content applications.

The Maintenance package, with service packs and software versions, offers a reliable upgrade process, with a guarantee of forward compatibility.

The Customization as a Service package empowers you to build and deploy the application you need. Configuration and customization with Nuxeo Studio and optional plugins from the Nuxeo Marketplace are all delivered via the in-product update center, making download and installation quick, easy, and transparent.