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Motivated. Competent. Productive.These are the words our customers have used to describe support at Nuxeo ECM. It's about much more than checking off the resolved box on a support ticket -- the members of the Nuxeo support team work with customers to solve problems. 

Finding Solutions

The Support team at Nuxeo are good at finding solutions. When they don't have an immediate response, they know how to find the right resources to help us solve our problems.

Damien Metzler, Application Architect, Leroy Merlin

The support team at Nuxeo is passionate about finding the right solutions to your problems, quickly and efficiently. They have even devised a weekly contest to keep everyone on their toes: they strive to always have the number of issues resolved be greater than or equal to the number of issues created. To keep this in mind, a TV monitor by their desk, updated in real time, gives the weekly stats. Their track record is impressive.

I Like It. How Do I Find Out More?
Support Process at Nuxeo

Nuxeo offers a full support package, with tiered Service Level Agreements, for Nuxeo Connect subscribers. Nuxeo Connect is our comprehensive offering delivering high-quality software maintenance, support, and hosted design and monitoring environments for any content application designed and deployed with the Nuxeo technology.

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To guarantee response times and access to expertise for your Nuxeo application support issues, subscribe to Nuxeo Connect and choose the Service Level Agreement that best fits with your project.

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