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For Document Management, Digital Asset Management, Case Management, or any other content-centric application, the Nuxeo Platform gives developers the technology and tools they need to build modern business applications.

Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015 (Long Term Support) What’s New >

One Platform, Many Applications

If you are developing a business application, chances are pretty high that information management is one of the problems you need to tackle. At Nuxeo, we understand these issues and we provide the technology infrastructure you need.
Nuxeo Platform
The Nuxeo Platform is a highly customizable and extensible foundation for building content-centric applications.
Features, Architecture, Deployment >
Nuxeo Platform on the Cloud
Nuxeo provides the Nuxeo Platform and a seamless design, development, testing and production environment in the Cloud.
Nuxeo Platform as a Service >

The Nuxeo Platform is the foundation

What type of information management solution are you building?

Services and Components

Which building blocks will go into your application?
Mobile >
A mobile app and framework for building as a framework hybrid HTML5/native mobile apps.
Drive >
Client that enables bidirectional synchronization of content between the local desktop and the Nuxeo content repository.
Workflow >
An integrated workflow engine with a full-featured graphical designer to define custom workflows and processes.
Integrations >
An extensive set of connectors ensures integration of the Nuxeo Platform with existing systems.
Business Logic (Automation) >
A platform service exposes atomic operations that can be assembled to create complex business rules and logic, without writing any Java code.
A complete API is accessible via HTTP, and client SDKs in Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, iOS and Android are available. This is a powerful channel for integrating remotely with the Nuxeo repository.
UI Frameworks >
Different client-side technologies are available for the development of a fully custom user interface.The UI is included as part of the platform, so the plug-in architecture allows for modification without rewriting the code.
Content Repository >
The content repository layer offers of a set of configurable services for content models, lifecycles, access controls, events, queries, versioning, and more.

Application Development Environment

Application development and delivery is a process, not an event. Beyond the software platform, Nuxeo provides a developer-friendly environment to support design, testing, integration, and maintenance, covering the full lifecycle of solution delivery.
A powerful online environment for configuring and customizing the Nuxeo Platform, Nuxeo Studio enables fast and easy application design without a single line of code.
Nuxeo Studio Screenshot
Nuxeo IDE screenshot
An Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment, Nuxeo IDE enables developers to extend the Nuxeo Platform cleanly with new features written in Java, in a friendly environment that takes advantage of the extensibility of the Nuxeo Platform and integrates with Nuxeo Studio.

Find the source code, daily builds, and a complete documentation for getting the development branch.
At Nuxeo, we use Jenkins, Maven, and Funkload, a homegrown functional and load testing tool. You can, too.
We offer extensive documentation, UI and Layout Guides, a Q&A forum, and much more.