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Nuxeo Platform

Designed by developers for developers, the Nuxeo Platform is a highly customizable and extensible content management platform for building business applications.
  • Designed for a Data-Driven World

    API-first design with JSON as data format, schema-flexible content model, that can be facetted for fast evolving models, horizontally scalable query engine and data persistence

    Built to be Extended

    Extensible architecture with over 150 plug-ins exposing more than 250 extension points, future-proof upgrade patterns

    Battle-tested for Critical Workloads

    Independently and horizontally scalable subsystems, validated at 1B+ objects on a single system

    Cloud Native

    Deep AWS integration, unmatched linear scalability, connectors to main cloud applications like Google Drive & Dropbox

    Solid Engineering

    40 commits/day on 100 GitHub repositories, 100 to 600 Jenkins builds/day, advanced automated tests, fully open and verifiable

  • Content Repository

    complex-dataRich Content Model including nested properties (complex types and lists of complex types)
    search Querying & Search Query using NXQL, CMISQL and Elasticsearch DSL, supports aggregates and facets, advanced full text search capabilities
    pluggable-contentPluggable Data & File Persistence Data can be stored in SQL or NoSQL databases, files are natively deduplicated and stored into any supported file store: filesystem, encrypted FS, Amazon S3, Azure Blobs and others
    versioningVersioning Policy to enforce complex versioning schemes
    permissionsAccess Control Permission-based (ACL) and rule-based access control, validated for military-grade access control
    relationshipsRelationships Link objects through properties (one property pointing to another object) and fetch main object and all linked entities in a single API call
  • Flexible REST API


    REST API, full repository CRUD support and 130+ operations


    JSON as data format for bandwidth efficiency and data model change-resilient clients


    Allow to chain commands in single call for transaction-safe execution of commands set


    Extend the REST API (data contributors, marshallers, endpoints and commands) with a plugin

    Highly Scalable

    6000+ queries/sec on 2 nodes, scales linearly with new nodes. Easy to use to build JS apps

    Native SDKs

    For Java (JVM, Android), JavaScript (Browser, Node.js), iOS, .NET, PHP, Python and even DART!

    img-.net Java iOS Python PHP Dart JavaScript
  • High Level Services

    y-1Query and Search

    Our query engine is backed by Elasticsearch. This enables advanced search features like faceted search and computation capabilities.

    y-2Desktop Sync

    Client that enables bidirectional synchronization of content between the local desktop and the Nuxeo content repository.


    An integrated workflow engine with a full-featured graphical designer to define custom workflows and processes.

    y-4Data Visualization

    A toolkit for web developers to build custom analytic dashboards.

    y-5Conversion Services

    Define the automatic creation of additional renditions of imported digital assets as desired.

    y-6Live Connect

    Native integration of the Platform with cloud-based file sharing platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • Cloud Native

    Cloud Apps Connectors

    Live Connect allows you to create a content application that handles cloud files as if they were local files (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Box...). Files remain in the cloud but they are referenced in the Nuxeo repository as if they were stored within it. This allows your users to benefit from thumbnailing service, full text, conversions, etc. We also have several other connectors to main cloud applications like Salesforce.com or Adobe Creative Suite.

    boxgoogle dropbox
    Adobe Salesforce OneDrive
    Cloud Deployment

    Nuxeo supports deep integration with cloud deployment infrastructures like Amazon Web Services and Azure:

    • Natively store files in AWS S3 or Azure Blobs
    • Supports data persistence in AWS RDS and Azure SQL DB
    • Support dynamic auto-scaling all subsystems independantly (frontend, query engine, background processing)
    • Deep monitoring with CloudWatch or Datadog
    • Automate deployment with CloudFormation or Ansible
    • Accelerate download securely with AWS CloudFront or Azure CDN

    In addition we also offer pre-backed images for EC2, Azure and Docker.

  • Performance

    Performance and Scalability

    Hybrid Architecture SQL and NoSQL Architecture with integration of Elasticsearch and MongoDB as part of the storage infrastructure

    The Nuxeo Platform supports the most demanding content-focused applications with outstanding enterprise scale and processing speed that outperforms existing systems by an order of magnitude:

    • Massive scalability using either NoSQL (MongoDB) or relational database (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
    • 1 billion documents benchmarked on a single cluster
    • 6,000 queries per second benchmarked on a single cluster
    • Up to 14,000 documents processed per second on a single MongoDB-backed cluster
    Build Giant Repositories

    If your organization needs to load and manage giant content volumes or throughput, Nuxeo has got you covered!

    The Nuxeo Platform natively supports MongoDB as an exceptionally fast, scalable content store:

    • Handles huge bulk imports and persistence of content, to the tune of hundreds of millions of documents
    • Supports heavy concurrent read/write operations, such as versioning and frequent content imports/updates
    • Benchmarked at 5x faster bulk import of content and 15x faster document processing over the fastest-performing SQL database implementation
    • Optionally store files into GridFS or an object store
  • Application Development

    Developer-friendly platform to support design, testing, integration, and maintenance, covering the full lifecycle of application development and solution delivery.

    Nuxeo Studio


    Nuxeo Studio offers an extensive application design and development feature set. This configuration and customization environment provided as a hosted web-based tool will greatly improve your development times.

    Customization with Nuxeo Studio >

    Nuxeo IDE


    An Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment, Nuxeo IDE enables developers to extend the Nuxeo Platform cleanly with new features written in Java, in a friendly environment that takes advantage of the extensibility of the Nuxeo Platform and integrates with Nuxeo Studio.


Other clients include:

Thomson Reuters
California Digital Library
Michelin Travel Partners