Integrations & Connectors

The Nuxeo Platform has a modular design, an extensive set of APIs, and is fully compliant with CMIS, Content Management Interoperability Services standard, making it a good platform for integrations. Many integrations have been developed to enable the connection of the Nuxeo Platform with third party softwares.

Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)

The Nuxeo Platform CMIS connector is a built-in CMIS compliant interface of the Nuxeo Platform repository. This lets your content based applications (including Digital Asset Management, Document Management, and Case Management) create and access content in a standard / vendor-independent manner. It also makes your Nuxeo Platform repository compliant with third party software vendors (such as digitization tools, ERPs and CMS) that support the CMIS protocol for accessing a content repository.

Amazon S3 Online Storage

Amazon S3 Online Storage is a component of the Nuxeo Platform that offers the option of storing files - the attachments that are uploaded within a content object - in an Amazon S3 bucket. When this package is installed in a Nuxeo Platform-based application, files can be stored remotely in a way that is completely transparent to the application user.


Starting in version 6.0, the Nuxeo Platform integrated Elasticsearch, one of the most promising index and search technologies, as the default query engine, while retaining full backward compatibility and access control. This integration of Elasticsearch with the Nuxeo Platform provides enhanced faceted and full-text search, incredible scale by partitioning data and scaling the index engine independently, flexible persistence engine for the audit log, and much more.


Nuxeo provides native integration with MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database. MongoDB provides a NoSQL-backed storage option offering high performance, high availability, and easy scalability for content management applications built on the Nuxeo Platform. DBS (Document-Based Storage) is an infrastructure in the Nuxeo Platform allowing storage of documents inside a document-oriented store, like NoSQL. Nuxeo users have access to capabilities such as full-index support, rich querying, map / reduce for aggregation and data processing, auto-sharding, replication and high availability, and much more. The integration with MongoDB offers Big Data tools and processes for the Nuxeo Platform content store.

The Nuxeo Salesforce Connector provides a new way to attach your documents to any Salesforce object and allow users to easily search, list, and preview all of these related assets from within the Salesforce UI. Documents are stored securely in a remote Nuxeo server where the metadata can be edited, workflows applied, and new actions created.

Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive

Nuxeo Live Connect provides native integration of the Nuxeo Platform with cloud-based file sharing platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Nuxeo Live Connect enables you to build application logic using files stored in cloud-based file services. Users enjoy the benefits of these platforms such as file sharing and collaboration, as well as the metadata and business process capabilities of the Nuxeo Platform.

Google Vision API

You can now add the power of Google Cloud Vision to your Nuxeo Platform application with our Nuxeo Vision plugin and bring your media and digital asset management (MAM/DAM) application development to an exciting new level. This plugin integrates the Nuxeo Platform with the Google Cloud Vision API, exposing a powerful set of configurable automated image analysis features.

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe CS users can now easily find and work with images stored in the Nuxeo repository, from within any CS application: Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign. Users benefit from full text and metadata search, permanent linking, notifications of image updates and more.

Document Capture with Ephesoft

Quickly digitize paper documents using our Ephesoft connector and import into the Nuxeo Platform with pre-filled metadata.

Mule ESB

The Mule ESB Connector provides a way to leverage the Nuxeo Platform Automation API in the Mule ESB environment. Inside a Mule Flow, Nuxeo Automation operations are called and the response payload is transformed in formats commonly accepted by other Mule ESB connectors.


Nuxeo and partner Hippo, a leading provider of commercial Java Open Source Web Content Management (WCM), have built an ECM / WCM connector based on the OASIS CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) standard. The connector allows for content from a Nuxeo-based ECM application to be accessible on a Hippo-based website, eliminating the need to duplicate information or move ECM content out of its context.


Nuxeo and technology partner Liferay, provider of the world’s leading enterprise-class open source portal, have teamed up to improve how their two technologies integrate. Liferay has certified the Nuxeo Platform as a content source for Liferay Portal 6.1 Enterprise Edition (EE), with a connector based on the OASIS CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) standard. There is also an OpenSocial portlet-based integration between the two platforms. Both Nuxeo and Liferay are open source, Java-based, standards-compliant platforms, so the connection between the two is a flexible, pragmatic solution for organizations that need a seamless connection between a content management platform and a web portal.


Nuxeo and Technology Partner Scality, cloud storage pioneer, have teamed up to provide an alternative to the storage and management of the binary files and unstructured data used by the Nuxeo Platform. The Scality RING solution, available on-premise or in Scality-powered public clouds, provides globally cost-effective high-level storage, including high performance, robust data protection, high availability, and scalability.