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Nuxeo Cloud

Nuxeo Cloud provides the Nuxeo Platform as a Service - a seamless development, testing and production environment with nuxeo.io management services. From proof of concept to deployment, it has never been easier to build and scale Document Management, Digital Asset Management, and Case Management applications. Get Instant Access >
  • nuxeo.io

    nuxeo.io offers services for managing and running Nuxeo Platform clusters on the Cloud. It provides a quick, easy way to access lightweight Nuxeo Platform instances on demand. The nuxeo.io is available, and open for development and test instances of the Nuxeo Platform. See how quick and easy it is to start a Nuxeo Platform project.
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    Nuxeo Cloud Schema

    A Service of Nuxeo Connect

    nuxeo.io is a service of Nuxeo Connect, the subscription service providing support, maintenance, access to the Nuxeo Marketplace, and Nuxeo Studio, a design and customization environment. For Nuxeo Connect subscribers, nuxeo.io is a development environment on demand. nuxeo.io is very flexible, with low overhead required to get a new environment. You can start and stop in just seconds, making it easy to stop inactive environments.

    Docker and CoreOS

    nuxeo.io is built with Arken, an open source software infrastructure for instantiation and provisioning of application instances, on premise or on the Cloud. Arken is a path for Docker using CoreOS. Docker is a lightweight virtualization engine, or container, that eliminates the overhead of a machine. Arken organizes the Docker containers.
    More in this blog post: CoreOS and Nuxeo: How We Built nuxeo.io >

    Reduce Development Costs

    In a typical Nuxeo Platform project lifecycle, dozens of instances, for development, prototyping, testing plug-ins, and more, are started and stopped. nuxeo.io streamlines this process, by providing development instances of the Nuxeo Platform that can be used for the entire life of the project. With nuxeo.io, you can deploy, test and develop Nuxeo Platform instances quickly and easily, greatly reducing the cost of a project.
    nuxeo.io provides a seamless development environment with the instant resources and infrastructure you need to develop and deploy content-centric applications, fast.

    Manage Multi-Tenancy

    nuxeo.io provides an environment to help manage services for your customers and manage your application infrastructure. Arken executes Docker images on a cluster with the semantic of application services and customers.
    nuxeo.io provides the best way to handle multi-tenancy. Docker relies on low level features of Linux, so that you can measure CPU for each customer and delegate isolation to the kernel, all with much greater security.

  • Key Nuxeo Cloud Features

    Nuxeo Cloud takes care of running your Nuxeo applications on a cloud infrastructure smoothly, securely and with no risk, even for the most business critical applications.

    Comes with Nuxeo Studio…

    The Nuxeo Cloud offering gives access to Nuxeo Studio, the design and development environment for the Nuxeo Platform. WIth a graphical interface and a powerful feature set, Nuxeo Studio speeds development by enabling extensive customization without a single line of code.

    …and the Studio Library of Templates

    Nuxeo Studio provides a library of application templates to help developers work more efficiently. Templates can be generic, such as the basic Document Management solution, or very specific, such as templates to manage HR Holiday Requests. And if you build your own template, share it with others!

    Nuxeo Marketplace

    The Nuxeo Marketplace offers a large selection of ready-to-use add-ons and packages to extend the functionality of your Nuxeo Platform-based application. As part of the Nuxeo Cloud offering, Marketplace packages can be easily downloaded, installed and tested from within the Nuxeo application.

    No More Upgrade Stress

    As part of the Nuxeo Cloud service offering, Nuxeo commits to upgrading and maintaining all of the underlying infrastructure. Naturally, Nuxeo Studio is systematically upgraded, but all the Nuxeo applications you run will also be upgraded to the latest version of the Nuxeo Platform, so you can benefit from accelerated feature delivery and save the burden of managing the upgrade yourself.

    Reliable and Secure

    Nuxeo Cloud provides a range of different mechanisms to secure your application. Thanks to the underlying technology, it also provides an extremely reliable environment where replacement instances can rapidly be deployed by our engineers. The underlying infrastructure commits to 99.95% service availability. For more information, see http://aws.amazon.com/security/.