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Nuxeo Online Services

The Nuxeo Online Services subscription offers access to services, support, maintenance, and customization tools to speed development time and future-proof your application. Nuxeo Online Services include Nuxeo Studio, Nuxeo Marketplace, Nuxeo Cloud and Nuxeo Support.
  • Online Services Portal

    The Online Services Portal provides a one-stop shop for subscription customers. Subscription to this portal gives access to maintenance downloads, tracking of support issues, Nuxeo Marketplace packages, the Nuxeo Studio customization environment, and Nuxeo Cloud.

    Nuxeo Studio

    Nuxeo Online Services subscribers have access to Nuxeo Studio, a complete design and customization environment for the Nuxeo Platform. Nuxeo Studio provides a comprehensive set of customization possibilities that are implemented and maintained without writing a single line of code, and with forward compatibility guaranteed. Subscribers can also extend the functionality of their applications with access to Nuxeo Marketplace offering ready-made packages and plugins.
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    Nuxeo Marketplace

    Nuxeo Marketplace is the Nuxeo ECM application store which offers plugins and packages that enable you to easily add features to your Nuxeo application. If offers structured content for east deployment of plugins and configurations, which means that you don’t have to worry about manually installing, uninstalling or upgrading them.
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    Nuxeo Cloud

    Nuxeo Cloud offers the Nuxeo Platform as a Service which provides a quick, easy way to access lightweight Nuxeo Platform instances on demand. It takes care of running your Nuxeo applications on a cloud infrastructure smoothly, securely and with no risk, even for the most business critical applications.
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    Nuxeo Support

    Nuxeo Support offers access to the expertise of the Nuxeo support team who is here to assist you in resolving project issues and connect you with the platform designers to ensure a smooth development process.
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  • How much does the subscription cost?

    A straightforward pricing model allows organizations of all sizes, from large enterprises with mission critical applications to start-ups ramping up their project, to scale their experience.