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Case Management

Nuxeo-based case management solutions offer workflow, document and item management, search, retrieval, annotation and archiving - all key elements of an effective case management solution. You understand your processes best. Use the Nuxeo Platform to create a solution based on your specific case management needs.
  • Overview

    Does your organization process financial applications, insurance claims, passport applications? Maybe you manage complex business contracts or provide specialized medical services. These are examples of processes that deal with a lot of information and require collaboration by a group of people to complete. Typically called a “case”, these processes are best managed through case management solutions from beginning to end.

    A Framework for Structured Application Building

    Case management solutions need to replicate specific ordered, manual processes, and it’s rare to find any two case-based processes the same. Each process has different requirements related to content storage, workflows, distribution, and validation.The Nuxeo Platform provides the foundation to create these solutions.

    Configure and Customize Seamlessly for Accelerated Deployment

    The Nuxeo Platform provides a ready-to-use set of content management and case management functionality. Using Nuxeo Studio (a graphical tool) and the platform’s built-in content routing capabilities (which includes the reuse of common widgets and templates), a wide range of case management solutions can be built and deployed.
    In addition, case management solutions built on the Nuxeo Platform can also include unified inboxes, reporting, dashboards, pre-built processes and lifecycles, case-centric tagging, categorization and access controls.

    Webinar Replay: Case Management with the Nuxeo Platform

    Watch this webinar replay to learn how Nuxeo Case Management can help you build a powerful case-centric application that addresses your unique requirements.

  • Key Case Management Features

    Create Cases Profiles

    Create case profiles with attachments, metadata and a managed workflow path. Take advantage of full vocabulary management and tagging to improve findability of cases and associated content.

    Capturing Case Content

    Case content can easily be added via standardized interfaces for item capture from capture systems such as fax servers, document automation servers, etc. In addition, unified mailboxes can be set up to capture incoming communication and content types from a variety of sources.

    Share and Collaborate

    Cases are classified and categorized using site specific metadata and descriptions. They can be managed through classification trees or hierarchical structures. High-grade security supports dynamic access control over users, groups and roles, supporting specific permissions and security levels.
    Edit and update case metadata, status, attachments, relationships and markup. Share ideas or comments using a content annotation feature that enables you to add notes directly to an office document or multimedia file without changing the original content of the file.

    Build Workflows with Nuxeo Studio

    The Nuxeo Platform workflow engine provides a framework and set of tools for automating content-based processes. Using Nuxeo Studio, a graphical design tool, you create the steps in the workflow, identify how to go from one step to another, the different branches, actions available to users, tasks and so on.
    Check out how to build a simple workflow using Nuxeo Studio.

    Archive and Audit

    A full history of all actions performed on content is maintained (user and system generated) enabling organizations that manage sensitive documents or have obligations to meet legislative or regulatory compliance mandates a history feature to verify content handling practices.

    Task Management

    High level features related to task management such as filterable tasks lists, reminders, task reassignment, task delegation and task reminders are available.

    Search and Retrieve

    Quickly find cases and specific case content through comprehensive search and reporting features. File and browse cases using file plans and social tagging. In addition, faceted navigation enables dynamic document repository browsing using metadata (facets).