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Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management has come a long way from the photo libraries of the past. Digital assets are now core components of your business and to get the most value out of them your digital asset management solution must adapt to your business environment and connect with other content in your organization.
  • Overview

    Media and Digital Assets Have Unique Requirements

    Media and digital content, such as images, audio, and video, have unique criteria for effective management. These assets are usually big files that need or have renditions. Digital assets have a wide variety of formats and embedded metadata – managing them calls for a highly flexible and customizable system. There is no way to plan for everything to come, your system has to be flexible and future ready.

    Customizable Digital Asset Management

    A DAM application is more than a ready-made collection of features, it processes business critical content, and must adapt to meet the requirements in any organization. Extensibility and flexibility are required to create advanced content models, internal and external workflows, custom access mechanisms, and custom UI.

    Unified Repository

    Too often, DAM initiatives are isolated within a single department and disconnected from the organization’s content management strategy. When digital and media content is viewed as a set of assets for the whole organization, with the appropriate access rights, processes become more efficient, transparent, and sustainable – and maximize the return on that investment.


    The need to integrate Digital Assets with other applications is on the rise. Be it pushing an asset to Customer Experience Management Systems, to a video distribution system or simply integrating with the organization’s Authentication and Identity systems, having a full API and an integration plan is essential.

    Scaling a DAM System at the Enterprise Level

    Digital assets are no longer simple image or video files that need a little editing and sharing. With high-definition videos and pictures, their conversion and transcoding is a huge job. Collecting, converting, and managing these media files and using them in valuable ways is revolutionizing the DAM industry.

  • The Nuxeo Advantage


    This innovative outdoor advertising company reaches 175 million people each day, operates in more than 54 countries, 165 airports and has approximately 9940 employees. They wanted a DAM solution to manage all of their customer’s digital ad assets and then push these ads intelligently out to their displays.


    Managing some of the worlds best known brands, GSD&M needed a “next generation” DAM platform. They needed a solution to manage their client’s large digital asset libraries and improve their experience working with the agency. Here’s their success story!

    California Digital Library

    CDL is building a shared system for managing and providing access to unique digital content from the ten UC campus libraries. For this, they needed a DAM system that creates and manages object-level metadata and content files, provides workflows for publishing digital objects to a publicly accessible interface, and deposit them for preservation.

  • Nuxeo Digital Asset Management Features

    Asset Capture and Batch Import

    Capture is handled by simple or batch upload of media assets with configurable and automated extraction and application of media metadata supporting IPTC and EXIF standards. Bulk tagging is an easy way to assign metadata to assets.

    Video Storyboarding

    On import, video storyboards are automatically created, with a series of thumbnails that segment the contents of a video file. Chapters can be viewed individually, and the video streaming feature offers instant viewing access.

    Access Rights

    Control sharing and access to assets with Access Control Lists (ACLs), authentication, user sources, and user groups. Protect the use of external media assets with granular access controls, and identify licensed content. You can also monitor and log asset usage with audit history.


    Annotate images and pictures assets directly from the browser, enabling online collaboration. Zoom in and zoom out on graphic items to comment on detailed views. You can navigate from annotation to annotation for quick comment review.

    Navigation, Search, Preview

    Users can navigate through asset lists, through metadata categories, apply category filters. Dynamic filtering on multiple facets, or metadata, is available, and navigation facets are fully configurable, and can be defined independently for a given asset type. Content can be viewed in thumbnail mode with zoom in / zoom out. Full text search includes annotations and captions.


    Easily create multiple renditions during the ingestion process and manage a range of resolutions, sizes, formats in consistent and connected way. Each rendition has its own unique URL for simple and accurate distribution and review.

    Supported Formats

    The Nuxeo Platform supports a wide range of popular media formats for images, audio and video files using proper metadata extraction and conversion. The metadata extraction and conversion framework is highly extensible making it extremely easy to add any new converter. View the complete list of supported formats in our documentation.

    Configurable Content Model

    Power users can quickly define a content model for the specific application needs, with custom metadata and controlled vocabularies for content description and discovery.

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