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Document Management

The Nuxeo Platform helps you develop document management applications in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, for better connections between people, content, and processes. To explore our Document Management solution Start the Free Trial >
  • Overview

    Manage Content, Not Files

    Content creation and consumption goes far beyond sharing files, so we offer a highly flexible content model, allowing document definitions ranging from a single file to a complex multi-file model. Capture multi-formatted content, leverage our built-in metadata standards, define structured relationships, secure workflows, enforce corporate policies and more. Plus, navigate the repository with physical and virtual file plans, and ensure accessibility through a full set of content library services.

    Collaborate on Your Content

    With collaborative workspaces you get a secure environment for an identified group of users. Key features include easy check-in/check-out, auditing logging and configurable versioning policies, task and content workflows, notifications and more. In addition, for busy information workers, mobile collaboration is available.

    Build the Document Management Solution That You Need

    From simply adding your company logo to your application to more advanced content model and workflow configuration, Nuxeo Studio provides the complete environment to help you adapt the Nuxeo Platform to your use case quickly and easily. A cornerstone of the Nuxeo Online Services, Nuxeo Studio is a hosted graphical customization and configuration environment, enabling you to focus on the functional and technical requirements of your application, without the complexity of coding or installing yet another tool.

    Case Study: A Document Management Application for 200 Users at ERDF

    Using the Nuxeo Platform, a secure document management portal was built to support interactions between ERDF (which manages the public electricity distribution network for 95% of the French continental territory) and electricity suppliers.

  • Key Document Management Features

    Publish & Archive

    The Nuxeo Platform allows you to centrally control and publish content to remote Nuxeo applications, file systems, HTTP servers, web portals, and more with a pluggable and unified publishing service. Document versions are stored in the central repository, and a notification service sends activity alerts.

    Search & Navigate

    The Nuxeo Platform indexes document content and metadata and provides a simple and advanced search feature, with configurable search result listings. A virtual navigation capability allows you to browse documents by the metadata dimensions most meaningful to your organization.

    Document Capture

    The Nuxeo Platform supports all types of document capture, from simple drag and drop to email capture to forms-based document import with metadata capture.

    Share & Collaborate

    A workspace structure enables collaboration on documents and other types of content. Features such as discussions, annotations, and dashboards help teams organize and track their interactions.

    Process & Workflow

    With a fully customizable workflow, the Nuxeo Platform supports the flow of document-centric business processes for any type of organization. Document lifecycles, audit history, and content relationships ensure traceability and ease of use within the content repository.

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