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Document Management

Move from managing files to managing business information. Go beyond just storing and retrieving files to incorporating your processes and accessing the valuable information contained in your content. Gain the flexibility to support business processes and customer needs.
  • Overview

    Convert Slow to Agile

    Take slow, old, paper-oriented processes and convert them into agile software-age workflows. Legacy and unoptimized processes cost organization more than just time and money, it makes you less competitive. Agilely model, track, and manage these processes to make your documents into tangible, valuable assets.

    Unify Workflows from Collaboration to Distribution

    Bring users together and allow them to work productively in secure collaborative spaces. Optimize the way they work, record decisions and process steps with their output vs. a spreadsheet or worse email, and distribute this work to all interested parties including employees, customers and partners.

    Manage Content, Not Files

    Document management is moving from digital paper to business defined documents. Go from simply sharing files to a highly flexible content model that allows document definitions ranging from a single file to a complex multi-file model and included built-in metadata standards, relationships and secure workflows.

    Use Living Content

    Don’t just store or archive your files, bring valuable content to your users right when they need it. Applications need to interact with content that gets the most value out of Live content requires instant response times and amazing scalability.

  • Nuxeo Customers

    EA logo

    Electronic Arts is a perfect example of digital transformation using Nuxeo Document Management by moving from email and forms to software-defined business processes.

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    jeppesen logo

    An iPad for every pilot. Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, has transformed the way that airline pilots receive and interact with manage and distribute
    onboard documentation.

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    The Navy needed to move from paper-oriented processes to advanced document management. The Nuxeo Platform was developed as a unified repository to support 6 systems.

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  • Nuxeo Document Management Overview

    Next Generation Content Repository

    Capture multi-formatted content, leverage built-in metadata standards, define structured relationships, secure workflows, and enforce corporate policies. Plus, navigate the repository with physical and virtual file plans, and ensure accessibility through a full set of content library services.

    • Advanced content model: content model, mixins, complex types (nested properties), lists of complex types
    • Extensible content conversion
    • Fast and powerful query engine
    • Configurable versioning
    • Massive scalability – from 1 million to 1 billion documents with stable response times
    • Flexible file-storage backend (filesystem, S3)
    • At-rest encryption and military-grade security including ACLs
    Nuxeo Content Repository Schema
    Collaborate effectively

    Collaborate Effectively

    Collaborative workspaces provides a secure environment for an identified group of users and support of important Document Management collaboration features.

    • Versioning (including adhoc checkin/checkout), locking and visually compare different versions
    • Collections / lightweight shared containers
    • Support for comments and email notifications
    • Dynamic workflow processes
    • Mobile collaboration

    Search & Navigate

    The Nuxeo Platform indexes document content and metadata. It provides a simple and advanced search feature with configurable search result listings. A virtual navigation capability allows you to browse documents by the metadata dimensions most meaningful to your organization.

    • Faceted search with dynamic aggregates
    • Save and share searches
    • Bulk edit of documents in spreadsheet mode

    Workflow Graph Editor

    Process & Workflow

    With a fully customizable workflow, the Nuxeo Platform supports the flow of document-centric business processes for any type of organization. Document lifecycles, audit history, and content relationships ensure traceability and ease of use within the content repository.

    • Powerful process engine with visual designer
    • Dynamic validation steps
    • Workflow escalation rules
    • All objects are full citizens of the platform including forms, access control, security, query, business logic, and users

    Publish & Archive

    The Nuxeo Platform allows you to centrally control and publish content to remote Nuxeo applications, file systems, HTTP servers, web portals, and more with a pluggable and unified publishing service. Document versions are stored in the central repository, and a notification service sends activity alerts.

    Publish and Archive

  • A Complete Application Development Platform

    Quickly customize the look and feel of your document management application and build more advanced content models and workflow configurations with Nuxeo Studio. This cloud-based software provides the complete environment to help you adapt your Nuxeo Platform document management application to your use cases quickly and easily. A cornerstone of the Nuxeo Online Services, Nuxeo Studio is a hosted graphical customization and configuration environment, enabling you to focus on the functional and technical requirements of your application, without the complexity of coding or installing yet another tool.

    Application Development on the Nuxeo Platform

    The Nuxeo platform is powerful and agile with a full range of services, components and Extension Points. Nuxeo dramatically improves how content-based applications are built, managed and deployed, making customers more agile, innovative and successful.

    • Extensive and extensible REST API that exposes all content and features of the Platform and is optimized for modern web and mobile applications
    • Visual Application Designer (Nuxeo Studio) to create all aspects of your application: content model, business logic, views / listings, workflows, forms, branding, etc.
    • Automation Service: Easy creation and reuse of optimized business logic blocks
    • Ready-made clients / SDKs: JavaScript, Java, Python, iOS, Android, etc.
    • Powered by a rich extension architecture: universal Extension Points System and the OSGi bundle model
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