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Use Cases

Structured and Rich Content

Document Management
Knowledge Management
Mobile Content Management
Product Information Management
Intelligence Platform
Points of Interest Repository
Digital NewsRoom
Customer Portal

Media and Digital Assets

Digital Asset Management
Media Asset Management
Secure Delivery of Digital Assets
Creatives Management
Brand Management
Ads Distribution
Video Content Management

Advanced Business Processes

Case Management
E-Government Initiatives
Fraud Investigation
Insurance Policies Management
Insurance Claims Management
Engineering Document Management

Is your data model
constantly evolving?

The Nuxeo advantage:

  • Schema-flexible content model
  • Possibility to facet the model for fast evolving structures
  • Support of thousands of fields per object

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Jeppessen Boeing
An iPad For Every Pilot and a Platform That Scales Lean
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Electronic Arts
Tracking Video Game Builds with a Content Management Application
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TBWA Brings Global Media Asset Management to a New Level
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Content Management for a Global Travel Search Website and App
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About Nuxeo

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What We Do

Your content is changing. The Nuxeo Platform is designed to evolve gracefully with it. Using a modern technology stack and agile methodologies, our developers are building an elegant platform for rich content management.

Based on an open source model, we also provide a set of tools to help developers creating robust and flexible content management applications such as document management, digital asset management (DAM) or case management for example.

Data and digital assets are constantly evolving and you need a flexible, extensible and scalable application to manage your content. The Nuxeo Platform and the team behind it are here to help you get the most value out of your content-based applications.

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