Nuxeo FAQs.
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We’re open and transparent. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Get in touch if you have anymore questions!

If you’re a customer, you need to access your customer portal and contact our support team. If you don’t have a subscription with us, you can still ask your question to our community via our Answers site.

We address a new need. Not just another ECM or DAM offering, we have an entirely different view on content and data. Our cloud-native Content Services Platform is entirely modern, but proven & scalable for today’s largest enterprises.

Nuxeo is open source. We offer subscription licensing for our services and tools. Our pricing varies based on customer support and system requirements and includes access to our configuration tool, Nuxeo Studio, the Nuxeo Marketplace and associated connectors to other systems, and different SLAs for technical support.

Yes. As a pioneer in providing open-source solutions, Nuxeo remains committed to the “open kitchen” model. We believe in this approach because it provides our customers with the ability to configure the Nuxeo platform to meet their specific and demanding content management needs and requirements. Read more about our open and flexible architecture here.

Most legacy ECM and DAM systems were developed more than 20 years ago and not architected for the cloud. Furthermore, most of the organizations we speak with tell us that these two issues have resulted in a less-than-optimal environment for managing their content and digital assets. The content and digital asset management needs of companies are constantly evolving, and legacy solution providers have not modernized their systems to meet the demands of the digital era. Thankfully, Nuxeo addresses the demands of the modern enterprise and is designed to help you transform information into highly-valuable digital assets. Read more about our vision here.

Yes. Nuxeo partners with Amazon Web Services to offer fully-hosted deployments of our Content Services Platform. We also have proven experience in providing managed services for deployments in your data center or with other Cloud service providers, like Microsoft Azure. And, our cloud-native architecture ensures that when you’re ready to grow, we can grow with you. Read more about our cloud offer here.

We offer a full range of consulting and professional services for our licensed customers. Consulting can be a good way to kickstart your project or improve your current application. We ensure our team of experts is available for customers already working with our support team, and for other support requests, we have a strong channel of certified partners available to help. You can see our partner list here.

With Nuxeo’s open architecture and out-of-the-box connectors to many commonly-used business solutions, we can integrate with existing core systems such as Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft SharePoint, Slack and others. We can also integrate with other content services platforms and ECM solutions like Alfresco, Documentum, IBM and OpenText and Cloud storage services like Google Drive. See more about all of our connectors here.

Please check with your project owner who is the administrator of your account. If you’re the admin, but don’t remember your credentials, please contact us here.

Your Nuxeo Online Services trial is valid only for 30 days. If you need to extend your trial period, please contact our sales team.

You can retrieve this information with your Nuxeo Online Services username or your email. The new password will be sent by email.

The Nuxeo Platform is designed to optimize performance, and as a result, continuous performance testing is part of the Nuxeo quality assurance process. Results are based on metrics that focus on user experiences, such as application response time. The outcome of this continuous and measured improvement is that the Nuxeo Platform delivers rapid response times even when operating with heavy workload environments, such as thousands of concurrent users accessing a repository that stores millions of documents. We conduct performance benchmarks every night, which are available to the public. However, for security reasons, we must gate their access. Please contact us via this form to get the password.

Detailed installation instructions and requirements can be found on our documentation site.

Our partner network is growing worldwide, and we’re always looking to work with other companies that see the value in our open, cloud-native approach to content services. If you’d like to become a partner, please contact us here at [[email protected]]. If you’d like to learn more about our current partners, please check here.

Your organization has information spread across multiple systems. Nuxeo delivers that information to you in one place. Please download our brochure to learn more.