Nuxeo Partner Program

At Nuxeo, innovation is a way of life, and we know that the biggest breakthroughs can come from working with the right people, on the right project, at the right time.

Becoming a Nuxeo partner can help your customers shorten time-to-market for their content-driven applications. Using Nuxeo’s highly-configurable content services platform, our partners can deliver industry-specific, as well as cross-industry, business solutions.

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Nuxeo Galaxy Partners

Nuxeo offers three types of partnerships to provide flexibility, and do not require a program fee for participation. Instead, we expect our partners to invest time and energy so they can market and deliver Nuxeo-based solutions.


Business Partners

They provide industry and solution expertise, geographic presence, and more. Nuxeo sales team will work closely with business partners to build and sustain joint vertical solutions. They are entitled to support from our sales team including product discounts and partner packages, joint marketing activities, and partner enablement.


Technology Partners

They add additional value to their products by connecting to the Nuxeo platform. These partners employ a “sell with” approach referring Nuxeo into their existing client base and enrich our marketplace with plugins and connectors. They benefit from joint selling and marketing activities, and partner enablement, such as online training and certifications.


Affiliate Partners

They focus on consulting, implementation, and project management involving Nuxeo technology, using a self-service approach. We define “affiliates” as partners who help customers define and solve new business needs with solid Nuxeo expertise, but do not wish to commit to becoming a formal business partner.

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