What's New in the Nuxeo Platform?

Discover the latest product updates on the Nuxeo Content Services Platform.

LTS 2021

Nuxeo Insight

Nuxeo Insight brings the power of artificial intelligence to your users — not generic AI, but AI trained on your own business-specific content. Whether you’re interested in classifying insurance claims or movie characters, products or prescriptions, Nuxeo Insight can form intelligent predictions based on the information you already have. Use a wizard-based interface to classify, predict, and enrich documents, rich media, and other content — no coding or machine learning expertise required.

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Retention Management

The SEC 17a-4F regulation includes requirements for retention, legal hold, and accessibility of records for organizations that trade or broker financial securities including stocks, bonds, and futures. The Nuxeo Retention Management add-on provides an audit system for both the original record and associated metadata file to allow fast audits of initial capture and storage of the record object and metadata, as well as all associated changes to the index and metadata.

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Nuxeo Transformation

Nuxeo Transformation is a powerful cloud microservice that offloads resource computing requirements to the cloud. With Nuxeo Transformation, bulk transformations and conversions are fast and don’t need to slow down your teams’ valuable resources. Nuxeo Transformation can be used to make bulk changes or enrichment to thumbnails, images, and video renditions, and even provides closed captioning and OCR capabilities. Designed for flexibility, it can also enable custom conversions.

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Enhanced Viewer

With the Nuxeo Enhanced Viewer add-on, users can preview and annotate any document stored in the Nuxeo repository: Office documents, PDFs, images, videos, and more. These can be viewed on any device, including mobile phones. Nuxeo Enhanced Viewer also enables fast, easy content comparison so you can quickly identify version differences. The viewer can be embedded both in your customized Web UI and in custom applications made with your own front-end tech stack.

Management API

We now provide a complete and consistent REST API for required operations on Nuxeo servers (for LTS 2019 and future versions). Using this API enables streamlined maintenance of Nuxeo servers, removing some manual steps and scripting operations like repository re-indexing, thumbnail computing, binaries purging, and more. For the sake of security, a different port is used for Management API REST calls.

Nuxeo Drive

Nuxeo Drive synchronizes content managed within Nuxeo, making it simple to access your most documents directly from your desktop and enabling offline access. Nuxeo Drive can keep sets of files or folders updated as documents are created, modified, or deleted. Similarly, changes made to desktop documents while disconnected are automatically synchronized with the Nuxeo Platform once the user reconnects. In addition to support for direct transfer documents to Amazon S3 storage, the most recent updates to Nuxeo Drive provide support for very large documents by adding support for multi-threaded uploads and asynchronous transfer.

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Salesforce Connector

Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) service, used by businesses to support customer service, marketing automation, and analytics. The Nuxeo Salesforce Connector surfaces powerful search capabilities and provides direct access to critical, related documents in the context of Salesforce accounts or business processes.

Nuxeo-Salesforce Connector

Adobe CC Connector

This existing connector has been enhanced, with a richer search experience that includes full-text search against all asset properties and related objects (i.e., title, tag, and usage rights, product, talent, etc.), and the ability to narrow search scope to specific folders. The new version of the Nuxeo Adobe Creative Cloud connector also features a better browsing experience, improved upload capabilities, and other improvements.

Nuxeo-Adobe CC Connector

Aspera Connector

Aspera is software that is designed to support the transfer of very large objects — think super high-resolution, uncompressed videos — and is a popular standard in the Media & Entertainment industry. The Nuxeo connector for Aspera enables end-users to easily access and use Aspera for large-object or multi-object uploads and downloads when Aspera is used with S3 as a storage backend.

Nuxeo-Aspera Connector

Sitecore Connector

Sitecore is a leading (Web) Content Management System (CMS), used to help businesses create and manage web content. The Sitecore connector enables Sitecore users to seamlessly access & utilize assets stored in the Nuxeo Platform. Using Nuxeo Platform, users can also automatically transfer content into Sitecore.

Nuxeo-Sitecore Connector

LTS 2019


LTS 2019 includes new AI-related modules that Nuxeo customers can “plug and play” to enrich their content with data from AI services and via custom models deployed on Nuxeo Online Services. This improves the findability of the documents, delivers a greater level of context and intelligence to how content can be leveraged, and also feeds additional AI algorithms to even add more insight automatically.

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Nuxeo users can now benefit from our advanced metadata management capabilities, deep AI functionality, powerful search, permissions management, and more – all while transparently editing files from within the Office 365 suite. Users can click on a link from the Nuxeo Web UI, open the document from within Office 365, and edit it. Or, users can save a new document in Nuxeo from Office365.

Content Federation

The Nuxeo Platform can now manage binary content “in place” (i.e. content that remains stored in external ECM or EFSS systems). In addition to extending the Nuxeo content federation strategy, this enables customers to get all the benefits of a modern Content Services Platform (scale, search, workflows, automation, and permissions) without the cost and pain of forced migrations.

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