What's New in the Nuxeo Platform?

Discover the latest product updates on the Nuxeo Content Services Platform.

New in 2020

Aspera Connector

Aspera is software that is designed to support the transfer of very large objects — think super high-resolution, uncompressed videos — and is a popular standard in the Media & Entertainment industry. The Nuxeo connector for Aspera enables end-users to easily access and use Aspera for large-object or multi-object uploads and downloads when Aspera is used with S3 as a storage backend.

Sitecore connector

Sitecore is a leading (Web) Content Management System (CMS), used to help businesses create and manage web content. The Sitecore connector enables Sitecore users to seamlessly access & utilize assets stored in the Nuxeo Platform. Using Nuxeo Platform, users can also automatically transfer content into Sitecore.

Enhanced Viewer

With the Nuxeo Enhanced Viewer add-on, users can preview and annotate any document stored in the Nuxeo repository: Office documents, PDFs, images, videos, and more. These can be viewed on any device, including mobile phones. Nuxeo Enhanced Viewer also enables fast, easy content comparison so you can quickly identify version differences. The viewer can be embedded both in your customized Web UI and in custom applications made with your own front-end tech stack.

Management API

We now provide a complete and consistent REST API for required operations on Nuxeo servers (for LTS 2019 and future versions). Using this API enables streamlined maintenance of Nuxeo servers, removing some manual steps and scripting operations like repository re-indexing, thumbnail computing, binaries purging, and more. For the sake of security, a different port is used for Management API REST calls.

Retention Management

The SEC 17a-4F regulation includes requirements for retention, legal hold, and accessibility of records for organizations that trade or broker financial securities including stocks, bonds, and futures. The Nuxeo Retention Management add-on provides an audit system for both the original record and associated metadata file to allow fast audits of initial capture and storage of the record object and metadata, as well as all associated changes to the index and metadata.


Nuxeo Insight

Nuxeo Insight brings the power of artificial intelligence to your users — not generic AI, but AI trained on your own business-specific content. Whether you’re interested in classifying insurance claims or movie characters, products or prescriptions, Nuxeo Insight can form intelligent predictions based on the information you already have. Use a wizard-based interface to classify, predict, and enrich documents, rich media, and other content — no coding or machine learning expertise required.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Nuxeo Transformation

Nuxeo Transformation is a powerful cloud microservice that offloads resource computing requirements to the cloud. With Nuxeo Transformation, bulk transformations and conversions are fast and don’t need to slow down your teams’ valuable resources. Nuxeo Transformation can be used to make bulk changes or enrichment to thumbnails, images, and video renditions, and even provides closed captioning and OCR capabilities. Designed for flexibility, it can also enable custom conversions.

Transformation Services

Adobe CC Connector

This existing connector has been enhanced, with a richer search experience that includes full-text search against all asset properties and related objects (i.e., title, tag, and usage rights, product, talent, etc.), and the ability to narrow search scope to specific folders. The new version of the Nuxeo Adobe Creative Cloud connector also features a better browsing experience, improved upload capabilities, and other improvements.

Adobe CC Connector

LTS 2019


LTS 2019 includes new AI-related modules that Nuxeo customers can “plug and play” to enrich their content with data from AI services and via custom models deployed on Nuxeo Online Services. This improves the findability of the documents, delivers a greater level of context and intelligence to how content can be leveraged, and also feeds additional AI algorithms to even add more insight automatically.

Artificial Intelligence


Nuxeo users can now benefit from our advanced metadata management capabilities, deep AI functionality, powerful search, permissions management, and more – all while transparently editing files from within the Office 365 suite. Users can click on a link from the Nuxeo Web UI, open the document from within Office 365, and edit it. Or, users can save a new document in Nuxeo from Office365.

Content Federation

The Nuxeo Platform can now manage binary content “in place” (i.e. content that remains stored in external ECM or EFSS systems). In addition to extending the Nuxeo content federation strategy, this enables customers to get all the benefits of a modern Content Services Platform (scale, search, workflows, automation, and permissions) without the cost and pain of forced migrations.

Content Federation

Enhanced Annotation Capabilities

Enhanced capabilities for annotations, including the ability for users to annotate office documents, images, videos, PDFs for review/validation processes or for media enrichment.

Adobe CC

New Adobe Creative Cloud connector, which has been rebuilt from the ground up to improve the user experience and leverage the full capabilities of Adobe CC 2018.

Adobe CC Connector

Upload Services

Nuxeo can now be easily plugged into any direct upload service that provides file or object transfer acceleration. As a result, Nuxeo users will enjoy faster uploads of large content assets like 4K video files via Web UI (the Nuxeo Web client). Transfer acceleration is now available for AWS S3, and connections to additional services can be easily created (such as for Azure or other specialized vendors ). With the S3 implementation, upload performance improvements are typically in the range of 50% to 500%.


LTS 2017

Mobile App

Customers using Nuxeo from a mobile web browser can now start the native Nuxeo mobile app with a single click, for an optimized mobile experience. The native application improves the mobile experience by providing a native mobile look and feel, improved responsiveness, makes the best use of the available device real estate, and supports common mobile design patterns (pinch and zoom, back button navigation, multi touch).


Nuxeo’s unmatched enterprise scalability gets a further boost with the addition of Kafka to the architecture. Kafka guarantees that all asynchronous jobs are queued correctly and completed more efficiently, improving overall system performance. In addition, the distributed nature of Kafka make it a perfect complement to Nuxeo’s horizontally scalable, high availability architecture.

Serverless Computing

Thanks to the Amazon Lambda integration long, CPU intensive tasks can be redirected to run on Amazon's Serverless Computing infrastructure, ensuring user performance will not be compromised. A practical application of this integration is mass thumbnail generation when thousands of images are added to Nuxeo.

Elasticsearch 5, HTTP API

Nuxeo supports Elasticsearch 5.6 which allows for the use of the HTTP based API to Elasticsearch and organisations can now use HTTPS to secure all communications. With this release Nuxeo can also leverage the Elasticsearch service in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Elasticsearch 5 also brings new capabilities to the Nuxeo platform.

Better UX

The new Web UI introduces several UX improvements for better user experience. One of them is the thumbnails grid. The media search screen now displays thumbnails that keep the original ratio of the images and displays the metadata on hover, making it easier for you to identify the image (or visual media) you are looking for.


The Nuxeo platform can now be fully deployed on MongoDB, the industry’s leading NoSQL database. MongoDB is great for those customers looking for the ultimate in performance or simply looking to remove their dependency on SQL databases as it runs on more cost effective hardware, scales horizontally, and is designed to facilitate big data use cases.

LTS 2016

Web UI

Nuxeo Platform LTS 2016 features a completely rebuilt user interface, focusing on user productivity and ease of use, including configurable search-based navigation, task-oriented UI, and user-centric workflows. This new user interface allows more efficient workflows and place search at the center of the user actions. It enhances user productivity with direct access to last visited documents, collections, easy browsing of search results, always on instant search, in-widget actions on document displays (like in place editing of fields). This new UI, complying with the platform’s general technical paradigm, is fully customizable and built on strong technical foundations: Web Components with Polymer, modern Javascript and HTML5.

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Better Throughput

Nuxeo now delivers 10 times the throughput of competing approaches and has capacity for billions of objects and an unlimited number of properties and attributes. Nuxeo also delivers cloud-grade elasticity, high availability and resiliency, and military-grade security. Most of all, it is business-first: easily configurable to each customer’s unique business processes.

  • Massive scalability using either NoSQL (MongoDB or Marklogic) or relational database (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
  • 1 billion documents benchmarked on a single cluster
  • 6,000 queries per second benchmarked on a single cluster
  • Up to 30,000 documents processed per second on a single MongoDB-backed cluster


NoSQL databases integration has been a strategic initiative for the past two years at Nuxeo. New enhancements on the MongoDB native integration have allowed the Nuxeo Platform to reach yet another level of performance. Using MongoDB as a data storage backend allows ultra performant application deployments for giant and complex data models, with many concurrent read/writes or geographically distributed systems with integrated failover.


The Marklogic persistence engine is now also available featuring transactions, clustering, high availability and replication.

Learn more about Nuxeo’s performance

Transfer Time

Nuxeo Edge Cache removes the need to download the same file again and again at a given site when several users want to access the same content, making it a great addition to large cloud deployments or for customers with multiple remote sites. Organizations can reduce download time up to 95% and bandwidth consumption up to 90% while keeping digital assets safe at all times even when cached.

Elasticsearch 2.x

Nuxeo Platform now integrates with Elasticsearch 2.x, offering new indexation and aggregation possibilities for your stored content.

Learn more about our integration with Elasticsearch

Mobile App

The Nuxeo Mobile App for iOS provides a seamless experience on the main features, such as search, browsing, and working on your favorite assets. It allows you to authenticate against a Nuxeo server, browse and search, identify as favorites, and preview assets in the Nuxeo repository.

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Allow employees to continue to use the products they already know:

  • Adobe CC: Creative professionals can work in Adobe CC applications while accessing the most current and approved digital assets from the Nuxeo content repository, and automatically save all work back into the repository rather than on a local machine
  • Salesforce.com: SFDC users can easily search, list, preview and access the right content at the right time, associated with the right SFDC object, without leaving the SFDC application
  • Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) systems: Take full advantage of the collaboration and file sharing capabilities of Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365 and still get all the benefits of a Digital Asset Platform including security, metadata and business process capabilities

Discover our connectors

Desktop Sync

Improved bidirectional synchronization of content between the local desktop and the Nuxeo content repository, on-premise or in the cloud. Nuxeo Drive now scales on deeper hierarchies of content.

Nuxeo Drive

Instant Share

Provide temporary or permanent access to individuals outside of your organization to a given folder in the Nuxeo Platform with either Read or Edit permission, by email, streamlining information exchange in a secure manner.

Image recognition

Nuxeo Platform powers game changing digital asset management applications with shape recognition, auto-classification, tagging, OCR and sentiment analysis.

3D assets

Nuxeo Platform LTS 2016 features a series of 3D conversion capabilities as well as the ability to preview such content with orbital controls

Learn more about our 3D capabilities


We now have advanced transform operations on videos. Users can cut, annotate and transcode videos directly in the Nuxeo Platform application.

PDF Tools

Automate the production of documents to validate and embed them directly into workflows, saving time and improving productivity.

Nuxeo Code Generator

Code Generator is a new tool that allows to easily bootstrap projects or Nuxeo Framework specific objects within an existing project. The generator-nuxeo provides Nuxeo components scaffolding. It lets you easily scaffold common Nuxeo components like empty projects, Nuxeo Packages, Automation Operations, Nuxeo Services... This saves you time writing boilerplate code to focus on your code instead of the structure.

Client API

All SDK clients now have a new powerful and simple API that gives access to all capabilities of the Nuxeo Platform.

Nuxeo Elements

Leverage 60 fully functional UI widgets, Web Components-based Nuxeo Elements, to quickly build modern and custom web applications that integrate with the Nuxeo Platform: document previewer, permissions management, dashboard widgets, document forms...

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Online Codenvy

Programing new Nuxeo-based applications is even easier using Online Codenvy.

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Report Tool

This new tool provides meaningful information to our support team about the configuration and state of your Nuxeo Platform instance. This report will make troubleshooting much faster by creating a JSON format report with the requested information for our support team to start working on.

Studio Branches

With this release we are exposing a lot more capabilities of the underlying Git repository where your project is stored.

  • Ability to create branches and merge them
  • Ability to commit locally many times before sharing with others
  • Conflict management
  • The advanced mode allows you to save multiple updates for one commit, and do several commits before pushing them to the common branch. You can choose which mode you want to use

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Headless Content Server

Organizations can optimize startup time and size by packaging and deploy Nuxeo Platform without any UI but still integrate with its APIs.

LTS 2015

Performance & Scalability

If your organization needs to load and manage giant content volumes or throughput, Nuxeo has got you covered! The Nuxeo Platform natively supports MongoDB as an exceptionally fast, scalable content store:

  • Handles huge bulk imports and persistence of content, to the tune of hundreds of millions of documents
  • Supports heavy concurrent read/write operations, such as versioning and frequent content imports/updates
  • Benchmarked at 5x faster bulk import of content and 15x faster document processing over the fastest-performing SQL database implementation
  • Optionally store files into GridFS or an object store

Learn more about our integration with MongoDB

Google Drive & Dropbox

  • Cloud file sharing platforms, including Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Content authoring applications now live in the cloud, also providing advanced, real time collaboration, including Google Docs, Lucidchart, Pixlr and many more
  • Multichannel access to all aspects of cloud content: desktop, mobile and tablet
Today’s new cloud content environment marks a major transformation in how people create, work together and act upon content, resulting in massive improvements in productivity and efficiency. Nuxeo is the only content management platform that bridges the gap between today’s cloud-based content production environment and enterprise business processes and workflows.

Learn more about our integration with these cloud file sharing platforms


Organizations around the world routinely rely on Salesforce.com (SFDC) applications. Nuxeo now assists Salesforce.com users in more effectively acquiring and serving customers by providing the power of the Nuxeo Platform within the Salesforce.com app. Salesforce.com users can now easily link business content from the Nuxeo repository with any lead, opportunity, customer, campaign, product or any SFDC object. Users quickly search, upload/download and edit content on demand, all within the Salesforce application. This enables deep integration between content-heavy business processes and applications with Salesforce.com and enable to leverage Nuxeo-powered content repository in the Salesforce.com cloud.

Learn more about the Nuxeo Salesforce Connector

Adobe CC

InDesign users can now easily find and work with images stored in the Nuxeo repository, from within the InDesign application. Users benefit from full text and metadata search, permanent linking, notifications of image updates and more. This connector will also be available for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Learn more about our integration with Adobe CC

Media Conversions

The Nuxeo Platform lets developers programmatically define the automatic creation of additional renditions of imported digital assets as desired.

Data Modeling

Already providing one of the most advanced, flexible content models available in the market today, the Nuxeo Content Repository now provides new property types for creating and managing more complex content objects and data models.

In-Place Content

The Nuxeo Platform can import documents into the Nuxeo core repository without requiring them to be physically moved into the blob store, allowing those documents to simply remain in place. This unique Nuxeo capability makes it possible to integrate cloud-based content, collaboration and authoring tools using Nuxeo Live Connect, as well as enabling support for hierarchical storage management (HSM) policies, which may specify storage of select content outside of the Nuxeo blob store, such as encrypted file storage, use of the GridFS plugin, etc.


The Nuxeo Platform lets developers define hybrid storage policies, specifying what content should be stored via Amazon S3, locally, or other on-premises storage.

ACLs & Permissions

User and group permissioning is now faster and easier for admins and managers alike with a new user-friendly UI, and many new permissioning options, including:

  • New temporary user access rights, valid only for a desired date range
  • Optional email notification to user(s) when a new permission is set
  • Easily purge all ACLs for a given user
  • New Permissions tab in Admin Center enables search for past and current permissions – a critical resource for ensuring successful regulatory compliance and security audits
  • New programmable security filters allow for precise controls over user or group actions beyond simple access permissioning. For example, a user may be allowed access to an image but can only download a low-res copy to ensure IP protection


The Nuxeo Platform already included strong, tight integration with Elasticsearch, the de facto standard in enterprise search, delivering the most advanced search capabilities in the document and digital asset management market. We have extended our integration with Elasticsearch even further:

  • New Elasticsearch pass-through API automatically takes care of security filtering: developers can now use a new Elasticsearch pass-through API to query the Nuxeo repository, and build custom Elasticsearch front-end applications, with no need to worry about security filtering. They are now able to use the native Elasticsearch Query DSL, with the Elasticsearch client of their choice (JavaScript, Python, etc.), to build search functionality using the Nuxeo Platform. The Nuxeo Platform dynamically applies permission filters to end user search queries, ensuring that only those objects that the user has access to are presented in search results.
  • Elasticsearch Hints for NXQL: Developers can now invoke Elasticsearch functionality within NXQL, the native query language for the Nuxeo Platform. NXQL-based programming can now include Elasticsearch-powered fuzzy search, geospatial search and much more.

Content Automation

The Nuxeo Platform’s Content Automation service, which enables developers to define business logic by assembling high-level atomic operations and bind them to user actions or events, can now be programmed in JavaScript. Developers can quickly create business logic in JavaScript, tapping into the extensive operation library exposed by the platform. As any Content Automation chain, JavaScript chains can be natively exposed through the Nuxeo Platform’s REST API. Automation scripts can be created in Nuxeo Studio’s script editor, which includes useful inline JavaScript suggestions, or using any JavaScript editor.

Nuxeo Drive 2.0

Nuxeo Drive, which syncs a user’s local desktop with the Nuxeo content repository, has been completely rewritten for dramatically improved performance:

  • Faster, more responsive synchronization
  • New ability to connect to multiple repositories
  • Filesystem notification for near real-time sync as well as reduced CPU usage
Nuxeo Drive now also includes a new HTML5 UI and embedded WebKit, enabling full customization of the interface, such as adding a progress bar, for a better, more productive user experience.

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Analytics & Data Visualization

The Nuxeo Platform now includes a data visualization toolkit for web developers to build custom analytic dashboards. End users can visually monitor and track key metrics and trends to proactively identify issues before they become serious problems. Based on HTML5 and Web Components, the new toolkit leverages Elasticsearch distributed computation capabilities to aggregate, compute and visualize any data stored in the Nuxeo Platform, including workflow performance, case management data, user search queries, content/metadata, and user activity.

Document Viewer

Nuxeo has upgraded its document preview by integrating pdf.js for higher quality rendering of office files. This offers more client side features (zoom, rotate, multi-page) and the ability to stream the content preview for a large document. This new HTML5-viewer offer smooth, beautiful preview of any content that can be rendered into PDF and is fully integrated in the platform so developers can also use it in business applications.