The most modern, scalable Content Services Platform: Nuxeo

It has been developed, from the ground up, to take advantage of today’s open technologies and ensure maximum value for our customers.

So, whether you’re a business user or IT professional, we believe our platform is a prime candidate (if not the right choice) for your organization.


Existing ECM or DAM systems are expensive to manage and maintain


Our Cloud-Native Platform

Unlike the legacy ECM and DAM solutions, which don’t scale or are difficult to maintain, the Nuxeo platform is cloud-native, entirely architected on modern technologies and designed to scale easily and inexpensively.

With Nuxeo, you can expect a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as a much more performant, efficient Content Services Platform that is designed around the needs of your digital business.


My users prefer a variety of tools to manage digital assets scattered across my organization


Open Architecture

One of the real fallacies of ECM -- and DAM for that matter -- is that a single solution, with one repository, will meet all your users’ needs. The reality is that your employees work with content across a broad array of different tools and technologies. And, over the years, your content has become siloed inside of any number of different systems.

However, with Nuxeo’s open architecture and broad array of out-of-the-box connectors, we can integrate with existing business apps, like Salesforce and Adobe Creative Cloud, and productivity apps, like Microsoft SharePoint and Slack.

We can also access and manage documents and assets that are stored in existing content sources, including legacy ECM products like Alfresco, Documentum, IBM and OpenText and Cloud storage services like Box, DropBox and Google Drive.


My existing ECM or DAM system can’t keep up with changes in my business


Agility & Scalability

Metadata matters. Without it, your most critical information can become difficult to find and use. In fact, most current ECM and DAM solutions use relational databases which are rigid, slow to scale, and fail to keep metadata up-to-date.

At Nuxeo, we took a different path and have embraced NoSQL options like MongoDB and MarkLogic which are inherently flexible and allow for limitless changes to your data model.

They also scale horizontally so you can add low-cost, commodity hardware as your system grows. In short, Nuxeo is a less costly solution that is easy to adapt and change as the needs of your business change.

Why is Nuxeo Content Services Platform Different?

Zero Legacy Burden

Completely modern, modular architecture. While others invest in maintaining their legacy code, we only invest in innovation.

Configuration, Not Coding

Configure even the most complex content applications quickly and easily. Then, iterate as the needs of your business change.

Maximum Performance

We employ leading-edge technologies to ensure hyper-scalability. Nuxeo offers a 10x performance advantage over legacy ECM and DAM technologies.

Enterprise Approach

Move beyond departmental solutions with a true Content Services Platform for all your information management needs.

No More Silos (For Real)

No need for costly migrations. Manage all of your information assets, regardless of where they are stored today.

SaaS Architecture

Our cloud-native architecture scales effortlessly and efficiently. Deploy in the Cloud, on-premises or anywhere in between, quickly and cost effectively.


We’re open and transparent. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Want to know more? Check our FAQ section.

What is Nuxeo’s pricing?

What is Nuxeo’s pricing?

Nuxeo is open source. We offer subscription licensing for our services and tools. Our pricing varies based on customer support and system requirements and includes access to our configuration tool, Nuxeo Studio, the Nuxeo Marketplace and associated connectors to other systems, and different SLAs for technical support.

Isn’t my existing ECM or DAM software good enough?

Isn’t my existing ECM or DAM software good enough?

Probably not. Most legacy ECM and DAM systems were developed more than 20 years ago. Content and digital asset management needs have changed in the digital era. Thankfully, Nuxeo addresses these new needs and is designed to help you transform information into highly valuable digital assets.

How have ECM & DAM changed?

How have ECM & DAM changed?

Modern content and digital asset management is more than just storing creative content, sharing files or viewing documents on mobile devices. It’s really about embracing a new digital asset strategy. It’s time to move digital asset strategies beyond marketing to encompass the entire organization, from sales and support to engineering, finance, human resources and core business functions.

Does Nuxeo offer Cloud Pricing?

Does Nuxeo offer Cloud Pricing?

Yes. Nuxeo partners with Amazon Web Services to offer fully-hosted deployments of our Content Services Platform. We also have proven experience in providing managed services for deployments in your data center or with other Cloud service providers, like Microsoft Azure. And, our cloud-native architecture ensures that when you’re ready to grow, we can grow with you. Read more about our cloud offer here.

Nuxeo Products Features

A Future-Proof Investment

As technology changes, our unique, modular architecture allows you to keep up without costly upgrades or migrations.

Cloud-Native, Not Cloud-Only

All the scalability and performance benefits of a Cloud architecture. None of the limitations.

Open Kitchen

Quality comes first. As a true, open-source technology, our code is right there, ready for inspection.

Comprehensive Metadata Model

Nuxeo’s schemaless design powers the most complete, flexible metadata model on the market today.

Manage All Content Types

Beyond simple [document management](/products/document-management), Nuxeo can manage all modern content types, including social and rich media.


As a micro-services-based solution, we’re designed to integrate. Every new feature, every innovation begins in our API.


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