It's time to
rethink content.

From electronic documents and scanned images to photos, 3-D graphics,
and even video and social media, everything is content.

So is the data that describes content: ingredient lists, zip codes, talent charts, and beyond.
Every piece of information that drives your business is content,
no matter what form it takes.

Content is information.
Information is opportunity.

At Nuxeo, we believe building competitive advantage from information should be fast, easy, and adaptable to your needs. That’s why we’ve built a platform that is entirely different from traditional content management offerings.

We have built a revolutionary platform for content.

If you think you know content, think again. Explore what content means for our customers.

Customer Information in Banking

A key focus for ABN AMRO is to be recognized as building sustainable client relationships by offering transparent and simple products, and to create long-term value for all its stakeholders. Nuxeo help them to manage and process information in the most expeditious manner possible.


Invaluable Intellectual Property

Game builds are clearly EA’s single most critical digital asset, which must be readily accessible to those who should be working with them – and no one else. Nuxeo manages the code for all of Electronic Arts’ latest games, securing literally billions of dollars of intellectual property.

EA Story

Worldwide Marketing Campaigns

Nuxeo powers TBWA’s media asset management processes, from collaborating on the creation of master assets to the management of adaptations – one of the most complex parts of a global marketing campaign. Nuxeo helps them coordinating those campaigns at a global scale.

TBWA Story

Product & Packaging Information

From sourcing materials to making social media posts, every phase of the product creative lifecycle needs information in context to accelerate product development. Nuxeo simplified packaging workflows for a top global beauty company — all with a look, feel, and experience configured to be as unique as their brand.

Beauty Company Story


Low code DAM & ECM environments

You can build, test and deploy new, content-rich applications in weeks, not months. Connect to remote data and content, define object models, configure workflows and design compelling UIs, all with a simple drag-and-drop paradigm.

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AI for your business

Nuxeo puts you in control of your AI. Your content and data are unique to your business. There’s no “one size fits all” approach that works. Drive better predictions and deeper insights with AI that can be trained by team members, using data specific to your own business.

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Content Services made for the cloud

We believe the cloud is the future of business: always available, accessible worldwide, and without the burdens of maintaining hardware. Fully modular and pluggable as well as cloud-native, the Nuxeo platform scales effortlessly and inexpensively to meet the needs of even the largest enterprises.

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