If you wonder why it has been so long between 1.0 and 1.3 of the
CalCore/CalZope/CPSSharedCalendar trio, then the answer is not only
vacation, and a whole bunch of big new features, but also that every time I
have been close to releasing a new version, I have first released it to some
of our trusty customers for testing. And they have promptly found bugs,
which I then fixed, and made a new release, and so on.

After the release of 1.0, several additional customers have installed the
new calendar, and we also have people using it outside of CPS altogether. At
this point I dare to say that the new calendar is both prettier, faster and
more stable than the old CPSCalendar. The type of bugs that has been popping
up lately are mostly translation and usability problems, where the calendar
doesn't behave exactly as you would expect it to. An upgrade is warmly

The major new features in 1.3 are:

  • Major speed increases for big installations.
  • Event coloring according to type.
  • Calendar "stacking": You can create calendars which display the events
    of several calendars as if they were one.
  • Migration from the older CPSCalendar.
  • Support for Zope 2.7 and 2.8, CMF 1.4 and 1.5, CPS 3.2 and 3.3.
  • Localization of date format.

Of course, there are also many bugfixes, most having to do with
translations, something that always takes a long time.

Separate releases per target

There are now several separate releases. This is mostly because the install
instructions just got way to complicated, and it's also an effect of the
desire to release a non-zope release of the CalCore library that does all
the heavy calendar lifting, so the rest of teh Python world can use it.
CalCore requires some libraries from Zope 3,  so I made a
CalCore-bundle release that includes these packages, and which is easily
installable into any non-zope python installation with the standard

There is also a CalZope bundle that includes all you need to install it
under Zope or CMF (except for Five and Zope 3), which you need if you run
Zope 2.7.

And of course, we also have the CPSSharedCalendar bundle, which includes
all the products you need to install the calendar on CPS (again not
including Five and Zope 3).

You can find the latest version of these bundles on cps-project.com:


(Post originally written by Lennart Regebro on the old Nuxeo blogs.)