MarTech is at the center of modern marketing strategies. Christopher McLaughlin answers 4 questions from MartechSeries.

Chris spent a major part of his career in and around the Enterprise Content Management market. To him, this market is ready for change. Organizations are frustrated with their legacy vendors as well as the lack of new approaches. The time is right for next-generation solutions, like Nuxeo, to come to the forefront. And this is what he saw in Nuxeo – a young, innovative company that is poised to take on a large, established market and make a difference.

In this blogpost, he shares his views on Marketing trends & technologies and the role of Content Services Platform.

How do you see the trends in customer experience management and social messaging influencing enterprise content strategies?
One of the biggest influences is that these digital channels are incredibly content-intensive. So, increasingly, our customers are thinking about how they can be more efficient and productive in creating new content, either to make the customer experience more personalized or to help build their brand ecosystem through social channels. And, in particular, social media is so immediate, so dynamic, that it’s critical that distributed marketing teams can quickly find and deploy new content across an ever-increasing number of social platforms. Content is so important to a compelling customer experience and, from a strategic perspective, our customers are being forced to rethink their entire content supply chain.

Tell us about the B2B dynamic achieved with top marketing cloud and automation platforms you’re leveraging?
Ultimately, it’s about providing a personalized, highly relevant experience for every customer and prospect, and I think marketing automation platforms play an important role here. Increasingly, we are thinking about the entire customer journey and how we can better partner with our customers throughout their lifecycle – from initial purchase, to successful deployment, to renewal and referenceability. Yes, customer acquisition is important, and we use automation to be as targeted and thoughtful as possible in providing relevant information to help inform the purchase process. But, as a subscription business, our success is predicated on our customers’ success. Therefore, it’s critical that we continue the partnership dynamic beyond the initial purchase experience and we are finding that our marketing automation tools play a critical role in customer success and retention as well.

How should brands reinvent themselves using content management solutions within a brand self ecosystem?
One of the primary use cases we address with the Nuxeo platform is digital asset management, so brand management is a topic that is close to home. Principally, brand ecosystems are driven by compelling, relevant content, which – increasingly – includes rich media assets like video. Content services solutions, like Nuxeo, play a critical role in helping companies to streamline the creative process, making them much more efficient in creating new content. Additionally, we find that many companies, particularly globally distributed organizations, really struggle to get full value from their brand assets. We also help with asset distribution, making it easier for organizations to find and reuse valuable digital assets and content. The increasing importance of digital marketing is a key factor here. Channels are proliferating, which is only increasing the demand for new content, and the pace of play is accelerating dramatically.

How do you prepare for an AI-Centric world as a marketing leader?
I have to give you a two-part answer here, as a marketing leader and product owner. From a marketing perspective, much of what we do is about personalization, relevancy and immediacy. And, much of what we do today is rules-driven, i.e. if a prospect or customer takes a certain action, this is how we respond. I believe AI will enable us to be much more nuanced and, forgive the pun, more intelligent about how we personalize the customer experience. Ultimately, also, I think AI will actually fuel very dynamic customer interactions.

From a product perspective, we think AI will dramatically change how we work with information. I believe that one of the biggest challenges we face today, in business, is information overload. Not all information is valuable. But, with AI, we think we can better deliver the right information, at the exact right moment, to enable users to make better, more informed decisions. Additionally, we believe that we can increasingly automate routine processes and decision-making, allowing valuable knowledge workers to focus on more complex, more strategic activities.

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At Nuxeo, Chris is responsible for both marketing and products. In this role, he can shape Nuxeo’s longer-term product and go-to-market strategy based on the needs of the market and then drive the roadmap to take Nuxeo vision and make it a reality.

Before coming to Nuxeo, Chris spent the last six years at EMC, working for their Enterprise Content Division. Most recently, he was their divisional CMO, responsible for bringing their Documentum products to market. Before EMC, he was the CMO at Thunderhead, a UK-based start-up in the Customer Communications space. And, prior to that, he held senior management roles at FileNet, another enterprise content management company, and at Inforte, a consulting company.