Nuxeo WorldWe love meeting our customers in person. That's why we organize Nuxeo World every year. The 2013 edition is shaping up to be even more awesome than the previous year. We've been working for months to make sure you get great content at this conference, because we know your time is valuable.

At Nuxeo, we build a platform for developers. And our developers are happy to share what they know, what they've learned from experience, and how they work on the technology. Meet some of the people that will be speaking on October 9th.

Thierry Delprat - CTO @NuxeoThierry-Delprat_speaker

Thierry joined Nuxeo in 2005 as Chief Technology Officer. As CTO, he has guided the architectural development of the Nuxeo Platform,including the adoption of Java for the core technology.

He'll be talking about the Nuxeo 2014 roadmap. He'll give you a real preview of what Nuxeo will become in the next few months. We know you love new features and Thierry will give you a taste of what's cooking next year.

Alain Escaffre - Product Manager @NuxeoAlain-Escaffre-official_speaker

Most of you already know him. Alain joined Nuxeo in 2007 as a Presales Engineer, and so he followed a lot of our clients' projects. He has always been deeply involved in product orientation, even when he was manager of the Presales team.

He is now the Director of Product Management, and even more involved in the future direction of Nuxeo technology.

Damien Metzler - Software Engineer @Nuxeo


Damien is one of our more recent hires, but he's been working with Nuxeo technology for many years – since version 5.0! He previously worked at Leroy Merlin, a Nuxeo customer, and contributed code to the Nuxeo technology. His current areas of focus revolve around REST API, Content Automation, and agility.

At Nuxeo World, he'll give a talk about the work he's been doing with AngularJS.

Julie Lecomte - French Ministry of Agriculture


Julie Lecomte joined the French Ministry of Agriculture in 2010, as a Project Manager for infrastructure. In 2012, Julie also took on the role of project management for document management, and she manages all content management requirements at the Ministry.

They have several projects running now at the Ministry, so feel free to ask her questions. She knows a lot about Nuxeo and the challenges of developing user-friendly content applications.

Julien Alexandre - ERDF


After graduating from Engineering School in France, Julien Alexandre worked for Air France, and then for Bysoft in China. He then joined ERDF, the French National Electricity Company, as a Project Manager.

Julien will be talking about his experience developing a document management application with the Nuxeo Platform.

Of course, there are many other speakers who will share their experiences with the Nuxeo technology. Find out more about them here.

We can't wait to see you at Nuxeo World 2013, in Paris, October 9-10! If you're not yet registered, click here or contact your sales representative to get a free ticket!