1. Make the world a better place. (Ok, just kidding)

2. Get the nitty-gritty details of our integration with MongoDB For the ones who know us, you should have noticed by now that we love talking about performance. Our benchmark results are open to the public and we run tests daily. We have decided to integrate with MongoDB to simplify architecture deployments and allow enterprise level scalability, and Nuxeo is the only one to do it. You heard it right, we created the first native persistence engine for MongoDB in the ECM market. We’re a little proud about it, and we can talk about impedance issues, lazy loading or table-level concurrency performance issues all day. The only way to stop us talking about that would be to have a VIP party or a Beer Tasting :)

3. Check our solution to help you manage your rich content Join Grant Spradlin & Josh Fletcher on Wednesday at 12.40pm for a Lunch & Learn session. They will explain how to deliver a Digital Asset Managemnet (DAM) application at enterprise scale with MongoDB Atlas. Live demo & most likely the best lunch of the conference will be in that room. Don’t miss it!

4. Help us cheer for our Innovation Award We recently won the MongoDB Innovation Award in the Enterprise Startup category. Join us to applause, cheer and celebrate when we receive the award. Using MongoDB Enterprise helped us provide the industry’s most modern foundation for delivering Big Data enabled Enterprise Content Management applications, capable of handling huge and complex data volumes at unmatched speeds.

5. Let us SWAG you! We’ve prepared a lot of surprises for you throughout the event, but what we can already say is that you will be able to win Amazon Echo Dots, US open tickets, the latest Nintendo Switch and more. Visit our booth to find out how to win!

We hope to see you there tomorrow and if you cannot attend, don’t forget you can follow our adventures on Twitter _ #NuxeoLove #MDBW17 _!