IDC Technology SpotlightIDC recently published a Technology Spotlight, sponsored by Nuxeo, Rethinking DAM in the Age of the Connected Customer Experience, which examines the critical role that Digital Asset Management (DAM) plays in the age of the connected customer experience.

If you’re in the market for a DAM or wonder if your current solution is delivering maximum value, I strongly recommend reviewing the research, which you can download below.

Here are six of the highlights from the paper:

  1. A discussion of the challenges that siloed content presents for keeping customer journeys connected.

  2. Given how critical content marketing is today, the paper identifies some startling inefficiencies:

    • Two out of three organizations waste budget on duplicative content creation.
    • A third of the assets marketers create go unused or underutilized.

  3. DAM can help overcome inefficiency–IDC shows organizations can see significant gains are possible from managing content in a smarter way:

    • An average revenue increase of 24% from their investments in DAM.
    • An average reduction in asset creation costs of 28% by eliminating duplicative effort, reducing the number of assets that are created but never used, and improving asset reuse.
    • Improvements in team productivity of 34%, on average, centered on reducing the time spent searching for assets, streamlining review/approval processes, and improving collaboration.

  4. The paper highlights the key capabilities and benefits of DAM, covering repository services, workflow management, user interface, integrations and extensibility, and cloud.

  5. Important areas of innovation to watch moving forward, like further integration, cloud, artificial intelligence, and content spend optimization.

  6. A review of Nuxeo’s capabilities, benefits, and challenges (which of course we fully expect to meet!)

If these topics are of interest, you should also sign up for our upcoming CMSWire webinar on June 27, where I’ll be joined by Melissa Webster, the author of the research and IDC’s Vice President of Content and Digital Media Technologies.

Learn more:

Download the Paper