Back in December, the AIIM Digital Landfill blog graciously allowed me to contribute a post to their on-going “8 Things…” series. Titled “8 Things You Should Know About Open Source ECM, this piece explored some of aspects I thought most essential for ECM practitioners to understand when considering an open source platform - possibly for the first time.

There is still a striking level of FUD messaging (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt…) that legacy vendors spin in order to distract customers from considering an open source Enterprise Content Management system offering, so I wanted to share some of the truths and observations that I’ve learned over the last few months here at Nuxeo.

The topics I blogged about in December kept coming up in conversations I had with ECM practitioners - and it continued to surprise me just how much opportunity for education there still was out there… conversations at conferences, by phone and via social media… the world of open source enterprise content management is still a new world to discover.

So…not only did we expand the blog post into a White Paper but we also hosted a webinar on April 28 on this same topic. If you missed it, no worries - the recording can be accessed via our Events page and the slide deck is now posted on Let me know what you think… and I invite our current Nuxeo customers to share what they think other companies should know about open source ECM… and why it can be the right choice for organizations who need to solve the tough content management challenges in their business.