You can now access the Nuxeo Platform from a PHP application using the new PHP automation client!

The Java-based Nuxeo Platform offers many APIs so that it can be easily integrated with applications using other technologies such as PHP. The main reason for this is to use the Content Automation service and its Rest API to rapidly build complex business logic without writing any Java code. This is straight forward but still needs some code on the PHP side to be written, especially for things like attaching files… So we developed a PHP client to make this easier for PHP developers. You can now easily call from PHP all the existing Automation operations and the chains you designed with Nuxeo Studio.

I’m currently completing an internship at Nuxeo (Paris) and my first task has been to produce this PHP automation client for Nuxeo DM. It’s not yet finished, but I am sure it will interest people working with both PHP and Nuxeo technologies. Please check it out, try it for yourself, and give us feedback, I’m here for another three months and look forward to hearing from you!


PHP Automation Client Libraries:

PHP automation Client sample cases:

PHP automation client Doc: