This year we are moving fast towards a vision we have had for a long time: A complete cloud software factory. Currently, we are adding Branch Management to Nuxeo Studio (in git style). This is the beginning of a series of transformations that we will work on around Nuxeo Online Services to keep offering more and more value to our customers. Our vision for this year is to deliver a complete automated software factory in the cloud. Here I will describe the most important features that we are bringing to you (not necessarily in the order they will be (or have been) released).

The Nuxeo Software factoryThe Nuxeo Software Factory

Collaborative Specification and Live Documentation

This service aims at providing a space to our customers for each of their projects. In this space, they will have access to a mix of documents they uploaded (such as, specifications, story boards, etc.). They can also access automatically generated documentation about what is implemented in their projects and have the ability to collaboratively comment on it.

Nuxeo Studio: Application Designer

Nuxeo Studio, our online configuration tool, is moving towards rapid application development. Forms, Workflows and Business Logic, and UIs can all be implemented and maintained here easily. Automation scripting, the latest Nuxeo Studio feature (to be released in the Nuxeo Platform 7.2) will allow you to code custom logic inside Studio directly, using JavaScript that will run server-side in the Nuxeo Platform.

Nuxeo Studio provides an incredibly fast way to implement business rules and views and configure your repository - most of the time in a visual way with hot-reload support. Also, Studio can be accessed in your browser without having to install anything, which makes it even better!

We will also leverage the possibilities of the Nuxeo Marketplace and its packaging system to let you easily define your application as a dependency of all the private and public marketplace packages (software artifacts) you need. That way, installing your own project on a standard Nuxeo Platform will be nothing but a single install of your application marketplace package with one click. This will definitely be a time saver! This feature will be made available in July.

Nuxeo Studio: Branch Management

We have started working on Branch Management in Nuxeo Studio and the first version will be delivered to you in May (or by the end of June). This will be a great step towards better collaboration of projects. Each user will have his workspace where he can checkout a branch, work on it, and merge it regularly. It will also be possible to have different branches on the project, for example, a maintenance branch (for bug fix), a master branch (for coming new release) and even some feature branches (for long and complex developments). The sources will also be available directly via git for advanced management.

Codenvy: Advanced Code Editor

We have implemented an integration with Codenvy, the trendy Cloud IDE, which will allow you to extend the possibilities of the Nuxeo Platform with Java or JavaScript directly from your browser. With the current integration you can deploy your developed Nuxeo bundle on a docker image launched on Codenvy provisioning platform. We will bring you more such integrations with Nuxeo tools later this year!

Nuxeo Marketplace: Component Repository

The Nuxeo Marketplace allows you to expose and publish Studio configurations, Java code, Angular.js bundles, and more with the support of versions, dependencies and security/privacy. Nuxeo publishes its own artifacts in the Nuxeo Marketplace and the customers can use it for their own publishing requirements (they can make it visible and private to their developers). Private Marketplace is already available (, and this year we will improve its usability by providing better management interfaces. We will also add a builder service so that marketplace packages are built from the sources directly, referencing a github url.

Nuxeo Forge: Test and Validation Provisioning Platform, Automated Builds

Wouldn’t it be cool if setting up a test instance of your project only took a second? This year, we have greatly improved our knowledge and experience on Docker, CoreOS and other Cloud Automation technologies). Now we are able to offer on demand (and on click) instantiation of fully customized Nuxeo Platform instances on highly mutualised resources. We have called all our efforts around this “Arken”. The Nuxeo Trial offer (ability to run up to three Nuxeo Platform instances with Studio project ( with access for 30 days) is run on an Arken cluster. We plan to use an Arken cluster to let you easily run sandbox environments and use them for all the steps of your projects, including specifications, testing a new version, validating an import of data, reproducing a bug for the Nuxeo Technical Support, and prototyping a feature. This will be made available to our NOS customers in Q4 2015.

The next step in this is to let you configure Jenkins jobs that will be ran continuously for your unit tests and integration tests deployed on Arken environments.

As you can see, all the elements of this roadmap already have strong existing roots. We are very focused and committed to delivering great value to our customers, making the Nuxeo Platform a great choice now and for the future. The time it takes to be productive using the Nuxeo technologies and the resources required for the success of your project are being dramatically reduced. Give us your feedback on this roadmap and help us prioritize the features that matters the most to you!