In a recent blog article I discussed the question, “When is a digital asset not really an asset?” Today, let’s consider a closely related question: “When is a digital asset management (DAM) system not really a DAM system?”

DAM Foundation

Nuxeo Certified by the DAM Foundation

Recognizing the answers to this question vary quite widely (particularly among vendors), the DAM Foundation established its 10 Core Characteristics of a DAM System, providing some much-needed, unbiased guidance as to what digital asset management systems are - as well as what they are not. We at Nuxeo are pleased to note that the Nuxeo Platform has been certified by the DAM Foundation for fulfilling these 10 Core Characteristics, which are essential for any true DAM system to be successful.

DAM Foundation 10 Core Characteristics

The DAM Foundation credits a ground-breaking 2014 article by DAM professional and thought leader Elizabeth Keathley for expediting the effort to create the 10 Core Characteristics standard. In that article, Keathley also calls out software ‘mega-vendors’ for widespread misuse of the term “digital asset management”:

Large software vendors have noticed the lucrative DAM market, and are trying to meet customer needs in an area where they have yet to grow true expertise… That these systems are often oversold and underdelivered is a natural consequence of systems that lack all ten functions of a DAM system attempting to fill a DAM strategy gap.

Recent DAM survey results help validate Keathley’s point. A survey by Real Story Group found that “enterprises are hampered by an overall lack of execution capacity for their DAM initiatives and are also unable to fully leverage purchased DAM technology.”

Andy McCown, Sr. Software Developer & Development Team Lead at TBWA Worldwide, revealed how they have gained new business value from new and existing digital assets, noting that the way the Nuxeo Platform is designed, empowers business managers and developers to collaborate effectively throughout the DAM implementation process:

The Nuxeo Platform was pretty amazingly easy… Nuxeo Studio is a web-based tool; really quite easy to use to really quickly create new metadata schemas, new document types and workflows around those document types. Pretty much all of that was done in Nuxeo Studio [by webinar co-presenter Stefan Born, TBWA IT Director Germany & CEE], and he’s not a developer. None of that required my dev team to get involved at all yet…

“The next step is where my developer jumped in with the other tool Nuxeo provides: the Nuxeo IDE, built on Eclipse, to build really customized widgets [with custom logic], such as to display the status of asset rights management…”

“Although out of the box the Nuxeo Platform is a really usable DAM system that can do everything we needed, if you want to customize it and integrate with other tools, it’s been made incredibly easy by the way Nuxeo has developed its product.”