I was talking to Jim Fulton some time ago regarding C optimizations to
adapter lookup. Jim currently makes experiments regarding new architecture
for that stuff. If he decides to left  old architecture then my branch
will be considered. There is a lot of stuff to clean and make better in my
branch, but currently i'm waiting for Jim's decision.

As a byproduct of my work on adapter lookup C optimization i wrote 2
patches for Python, one was fixing possible memory leak(that possibility is
though very rare) in builtin filter
function(Python/bltinmodule.c) and was accepted nearly at once(thanks
to developers not beating me for sending it to dev list, one should post it
into sf.net patches section for python :), second was just to remove
trailing whitespaces in builtin module, both were actually one patch,
but i was told(and right) to divide cosmetics into separate patch and that
was recently accepted, so both now are in Python2.5 trunk.

Well, at least i'm glad i was able to make something useful(?:) for best programming language in the world! :)

(Post originally written by Ruslan Spivak on the old Nuxeo blogs.)