CPSTypeMaker provides a simple yet powerfull way
to create new document types over a CPS portal.

It drives CPSSchemas to let the user creates new types over the web,
with a simple editor where new fields can be added and a layout
created with the mouse

Thanks to CPSSchemas architecture, a document type can be changed in the fly,
and all its existings instances automatically updated

This tool generates Python dictionnaries that are usually coded by hand,
and therefore exportable to embed the new types in Zope Products

In the future CPSTypeMaker might evolve in a generic visual editor, that can generate CPSSchemas document types or any other type of document description (xml, etc..), through a plugins system

In the screencast below (aggregator readers, you should visualize this entry in a flash-enabled browser), a new "Person" type is created, and an instance created.
Then the type is extended with an extra field, that is automatically made available
in existing instances

(Post originally written by Tarek Ziadé on the old Nuxeo blogs.)