Here in Philadelphia this week, along with Jane Zupan from our product marketing team...AIIM Expo is off to a great start as one of the biggest and busiest ECM conferences.

So.. what were the highlights of Day 1?

Overflow! really cool to see the keynote sessions not only standing room only... but requiring overflow rooms. Thanks to the conference team for having decent quality AV/sound to make sure everyone could participate in the kick off sessions.

John Mancini's keynote - 8 Trends that will Disrupt the ECM Industry - nice look into the 3-5 year future of this industry. John's really been pushing AIIM the organization to transform itself; shaping the AIIM "members" into more of a community, making the association into a passionate advocate and educator of information management professionals. The key trends that he called out are precisely what I've recognized for the last couple of years.... ECM needs to become social, mobile, interoperable... to pay attention to the technology shifts and requirements of end-users. We were absolutely thrilled to see Nuxeo specifically called out as a cool new vendor coming onto the scene... seeing our name and logo up on the main stage was absolutely a highlight moment.

Good session with Alan Pelz-Sharpe of The Real Story Group who provided his take on the vendor landscape and how to make an informed vendor selection decision. Key takeaway? Do your own requirements homework, look beyond the traditional 'big three' leader quadrant and choose the vendor that's the best fit for your internal IT architecture, business requirements and wants to help you meet your ECM goals.

Was again really excited to hear Nuxeo called out as a rapid innovator and legit challenger to the usual alternatives.

"Records Management is sexy". Jana Gallatin, the lead for the US DoD 5015.2 records management standards program did a very clear, helpful overview of why RM is so essential to public sector and how this rigourous standard help government meet their record-keeping goals.

2 things I loved hearing in her session:

#1 - that she's glad open source vendors have embraced the standard. Alfresco became the first open source vendor be to certified.... and Nuxeo is lined up to be tested later in 2010.

#2 - Jana really gets it. She clearly and plainly stated that Records Management is important because it is the essential foundation to a government knowledge management imperative... it's about preservation of institutional memory. Not compliance, not bull-dozer destruction, not slash and burn.... RM is the foundation for KM. This message has been lost in this era of noxious Compliance FUD. A refreshing moment to hear - from the ultimate expert in RM - what the rend goal needs to be.

* CMIS is the real deal. Great vendor panel at the end of the day with participants from 4 different ECM vendors. The level of cooperation and hands-on participation from such a broad range of competitors is what makes this (almost) standard different than historical attempts to bring common approaches to market.Nuxeo has been an active participant since the early days, and is really pleased to see this progress. More sessions and demos on CMIS later today...

Was also privileged to attend the annual awards banquet. Always a wonderful opportunity to meet the real movers and shakers and legendary figures in ECM. A moment to recognize the chapters: the heart and soul of AIIM... the volunteers who invest their personal time and efforts to educate and connect information management professionals in their regions.

And now on to day 2....