Pleased to finally announce the release of Nuxeo Studio (news release here). Nuxeo Studio is a big step forward - a really cool graphical design tool built specifically to help our customer and partners customize and configure their ECM applications. Details, including a recorded demo, are here.  

Nuxeo Studio is the first of a series of management and monitoring tools that will be made available through our Nuxeo Online Services subscription program.

As the Nuxeo customer base grows we're seeing deployments in more countries, in new vertical industries, and in fascinating solution areas that continue to impress and inspire us.  So in response to growth and customer demand, we've updated some of the offerings as part of our Nuxeo Online Services subscription program.


Now, announcing some updates to a support and maintenance program isn't, I admit, the sexiest announcement that a software provider can make... but if we step back and think about some of the differences between Nuxeo and most of the mainstream ECM vendors, there is one point in particular that must be called out:  Nuxeo benefits exactly when our customers do.  Not before.  What is of value to us, and what is of value to our customers is in alignment. This is the ah-ha moment about the Nuxeo Online Services subscription program and what sets us apart from most ECM companies.

Let me explain what I mean.

In a traditional proprietary ECM deal (or with some of the 'commercial open source' alternatives), what is of value to the customer and what is of value to the vendor don't match.  The vendor assigns value to the initial license purchase.  They derive value from the client relationship well in advance of any testing, prototyping, application development or roll-out.  The client really derives no value from the ECM transaction until months (if not years) later - when pilot or production systems start helping solve their digital content problems.  The ongoing support and maintenance contracts are typically a mandatory lock-in after the fact. A predictable low-cost source of revenue for the vendor regardless of the maturity of the ECM deployment.  Shelfware can be very lucrative.

Nuxeo has adopted a model so that the customer derives value from the same thing that we do.  When we sell a Nuxeo Online Services subscription package, we've achieved our goal: revenue from an active customer project who values the support and maintenance we can provide. Nuxeo Online Services helps ensure their project design and deployment is done in an optimal way. Long term success of an ECM deployment means we continue to grow. The updates to the Connect subscription program as well as ongoing investments and improvements in our customer support center demonstrate this commitment.  

Customers have the liberty of using our open source packaged applications to verify that the Nuxeo product meets their need via test installations, prototypes, and inspection of the APIs and underlying source if needed.  When the product is a fit, the client is then ready to engage with us for the premium support offering.  We benefit when we know the customer is solving content-centric problems and seeing business value from our technology.

Not before.