Today, our tip of the day is about the UI development mode. I use it all the time when I do any heavy configuration of the Nuxeo Platform and most likely you will too, if you haven’t already!

So, what it is? The UI dev mode is a feature that displays all the information available about any element of the user interface. Most of the elements available by default in the user interface are just configurations. Every tab, action, layout, etc. is actually contributed by an XML extension.

Sometimes you need to get some information about it, for example if you want to:

  • Disable an element
  • Override an element
  • Insert a new element between two existing

One way to do so is to dig into all the existing XML contributions at the Nuxeo Platform Explorer but it is much easier with the UI Dev mode (at least for the basic information).

To activate it, you can take a look at: Nuxeo Documentation: How to Activate UI Development Mode

From there you can get nicely displayed information on UI elements. Here are a few examples with the lock document action and the permissions tab, from which you can get the names, priorities, filters, xhtml file names, and more.



Very promising, right? You can see it in action in the Hyland University video: Configuring Nuxeo Platform Services Through XML Contributions.

Happy exploring the UI Dev Mode!